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Trump Gives American Workers 1 Big Promise – It Comes Just Hours After Biden’s Epic Union Fail

Trump Gives American Workers 1 Big Promise – It Comes Just Hours After Biden’s Epic Union Fail

What’s Happening:

This week, Trump ditched the second Republican primary debate. Instead, he flew to Detroit to speak to striking auto workers. One day before, Joe Biden went to Detroit to speak with auto workers. Critics have claimed that Biden rushed to Michigan to beat Trump at the punch. But from all appearances, it does not seem as if Biden had the same kind of turnout.

According to reports, Biden spoke to struggling auto workers for just 88 seconds. The next day, Trump spoke before a large crowd of striking auto workers. The former president blamed Joe Biden for the conditions that led to this unprecedented event. And, he made a vow to these union workers.

From The Post Millennial:
Noting these losses, Trump said, “they’re going to be closing up and they’re going to be building those cars in China and other places. It’s a hit job on Michigan and on Detroit…”

“Today’s radical Democrat Party wants to legalize drugs, shoplifting, and sexual mutilation of your children but they want to allow your gas-powered Suburbans, Silverados, and Ford F-150s to die… Under a Trump administration, gasoline engines will be allowed and sex changes for children will be banned, is that okay?” Trump said, which was met with cheers from the crowd.

Trump hammered Biden’s aggressive plan to replace gas-powered cars with EVs. He warned that Biden’s agenda would led to massive layoffs for American auto workers. The former president even claimed that car makers would close plants in the U.S. and make EVs in China.

The Republican also criticized Biden’s plan, which has reportedly resulted in the loss of “billions of dollars” for car companies. Ford Motor Company has lost as much in its push to make more electric vehicles. Trump also claimed that Biden’s push to make truckers “go all-electric” would destroy the supply chain.

Trump went on to promise that, under his leadership, gas-powered cars would be protected. He made his case before one of the most powerful, Democrat-leaning unions in the country. If he could win over the United Auto Workers union, he would strike a major blow against the Democrats in the next election.

Democrats count on unions for major support. Union leaders often ally themselves with Democrat candidates, who make many promises to workers. It is generally expected by unions that their members vote Democrat.

But if Trump can win over the UAW, it could lead to a domino effect. As Biden’s economic policies continue to hurt working Americans, more might break from the party. This shift could significantly reduce Biden’s chances of winning re-election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden appeared to have a lackluster showing during his Detroit visit.
  • Trump arrived the next day and spoke to a large venue.
  • The former president blasted Biden for his “green” policies and promised to reverse them.

Source: The Post Millennial



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