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Time Traveller Claims to Know Winner of Qatar 2022 World Cup…Here’s How It’s Played Out So Far

The TikTok user known by the handle @worldcuptimetraveller gained popularity for releasing videos of soccer games that they said were from the 2022 World Cup.

The user claims that they traveled through time, captured the action in the video, and now know who will win the competition.

On the platform, the user currently has more than 54,000 followers. It wasn’t until June of 2021 that the very first video was uploaded to the profile.

When the final of the 2020 European Championships was played in 2021 owing to logistical issues, the user made the prediction that Italy would defeat England. The prediction was accurate. The video implied, however, that the final result would be 2-1. In actuality, Italy won on penalties after the score was tied at one. The time traveler appears to have returned with predictions for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

On November 19, the first video was uploaded to the account, announcing the return of the “time traveler.” A second video was then published on November 20. The commenter predicted Qatar will lose to Ecuador. Although the prediction came true, it wasn’t exactly a surprise outcome.

The user predicted Brazil would defeat France in the 2022 World Cup final three days ago. The time traveler also claimed that they had a video of the game.

While it’s possible that the user got some results right, most people find it difficult to believe. One user noticed that Richarlison, a player for Brazil, is included in a clip from the team’s November 24 match against Serbia in the videos provided by the claimed time traveler.

“Bro used the celebration clip of Richy’s goal yesterday,” said another user.

Another said: “The celebrations wouldn’t be so mild in the final – are you kidding me?”

Another remarked, “Ha ha, I saw the guy with the Viking hat for Brazil yesterday.”

Others, though, are anxiously awaiting the results to determine whether the alleged time traveler was accurate.

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