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Ted Cruz Sets Fire to Biden’s Lefty Plan – Exposes Joe’s Scheme That’s Costing You Big Bucks

Ted Cruz Sets Fire to Biden’s Lefty Plan – Exposes Joe’s Scheme That’s Costing You Big Bucks

What’s Happening:

Washington elitists love to burn through money they don’t have and force American taxpayers to keep feeding their spend-happy pet projects. The latest revelation of how Congress plans to waste more money has Republican leaders’ heads spinning.

The left continues to push toward its ultimate goal to burden every American citizen with more taxes while spending the money on far-fetched ideology. Leftist politicians in Washington are being exposed for their sneaky plans hide their wasteful spending within insignificant agencies in President Biden’s 2024 budget request.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, is fighting back. He and fellow Republicans have exposed how Biden is abusing taxpayer dollars for wasteful leftist projects. Needless spending is hidden in the budgets for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and National Science Foundation (NSF).

From Fox News:

For example, members of NOAA’s Coastal Management 2023-2025 Fellowship are working on projects focused on “equity” and “environmental justice.”

NOAA’s 2024 budget request also asks for $78.2 million to “help NOAA build a climate-ready nation” and implement one of Biden’s climate-focused executive orders. The agency asks for another $9.1 million to support equity and workforce initiatives such as an effort to support the seafood industry with environmental justice.

Why would an agency charged with providing “daily weather forecasts, severe storm warnings, climate monitoring to fisheries management, and coastal restoration, and to support marine commerce” have anything to do with woke social justice and climate initiatives? This is another example of Biden funding his executive decisions by changing and abusing the tasks of federal agencies.

Even NASA needs to be brought back down to earth. Instead of exploring space, NASA is now tackling climate issues. Cruz slammed the agency for failing in its mission. He pointed out NASA’s request for a $278 million increase for its Earth Science program and its emphasis on climate change.

What would this request cover exactly? Nothing that really helps anyone, that’s for sure. The request would cover the NASA Sustainable Flight National Partnership which seeks to reduce fuel burn and help the aviation community’s reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, according to Fox News.

That’s a bunch of nonsense and not how NASA should be spending its money. This is nothing more than an agency being hijacked by the president for personal goals. Cruz and fellow Republicans hit back at Biden in a memo challenging the wasteful spending.

From Fox News:

“If the goal is to make imperceptible changes in CO2 emissions as part of the administration’s zealous effort to micromanage global temperatures, then NASA should abandon such wasted mental energy. NASA should not become a plaything for anti-fossil fuel environmentalists,” the memo stated.

The biggest problem with this or any annual federal government budget is that every-day, hard-working Americans can’t keep up with the wasteful spending. Republicans must keep fighting against all these crazy budget requests.

Out of billions of dollars in budget requests under Biden, even the smaller ones are beyond belief for average Americans. To put a fine point on how bad it is, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has a request that will make your blood boil.

From Fox News:

The agency also asked for more than $550 million for Clean Energy Technology and $15 million to start a new Climate Equity Fellowships which it says “will train students in climate science, disparities in climate impacts on different communities, engagement with such communities, and climate-related policies, to enable them to lead and advance climate equity.”

The NSF requests alone are enough to know the entire Biden budget gets more out-of-this-world each year. Republicans need to fight hard against these agency budgets that do nothing more than create an endless bleeding of Americans’ bank accounts. Americans will be left with nothing to show for all this but more debt.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden budget plans to spend more money on “far out” projects.
  • Senator Cruz slams wasteful spending for “equity” and “climate change.”
  • Americans will pay more taxes under Biden for crazy budget requests.

Source: Fox News



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