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Target Song Bumps Taylor Swift Off Number 1

Atop the iTunesTop Songs chart on Tuesday, a rap song from independent artists is beating out charttopping superstars Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen and its all thanks to backlash against Target.

Boycott Target, by rappers Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy, has surged to No. 1 on iTunes in just four days, knocking Luke CombsFast Car down to the No. 2 spot and pushing Swifts and Wallens songs down the chart.

The controversial songs success is in reaction to Targets recent decision to debut a line of LGBTQ clothing for children. This has put the retail giant in the crosshairs of those opposed to Targets partnership with UKbased Abprallen, which hasSatan loves you andSatan respects pronouns printed on its Pride apparel.

Since introducing its controversial LGBTQ clothing line, Target has seen its stock market value decrease by a whopping $9 billion. This prompted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (RGA) to tweet out a link to the rap anthems music video, which gained more than 4.4 million views.

The success ofBoycott Target has caused a chain reaction in the mainstream media. Desperate to save face, media outlets have spread conspiracy theories of violence allegedly perpetrated by conservatives in reaction to the clothing line.

The Associated Press even went as far as to falsely report such violence, only to stealthedit its story without noting an update or correction.

The controversy has even spilled over to Targets own vice president for brand marketing. Carlos Saavedra is on the board of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network or GLSEN which advocates for gender transitions for children.

This backlash, coupled with boycotts by conservative social media influencers, has resulted inBoycott Target becoming the No. 1 song on iTunes in a matter of days, leaving the music industrys biggest stars speechless and fans laughing at the irony.

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