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Taliban Executes ‘Scores’ Of Government Officials

As stated in a recent report from the United Nations that was reviewed by Reuters, the Taliban and its various allies have taken steps to kill “scores of former Afghan officials, security force members and people who worked with the international military contingent since the U.S.-led pullout.”

Put forth by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and sent to the U.N. Security Council, this new U.N. report indicates that the 39 million residents of Afghanistan are having to deal with rapidly worsening living conditions in the wake of the United States’ disaster of a pullout this past August that ended up allowing the Taliban to reassert control over the country.

“An entire complex social and economic system is shutting down,” stated Guterres in the U.N. report, as stated by Reuters.

Guterres then went on to recommend in the report that the U.N. needs to change its mission in the country to helping fix this issue and establish a new human rights monitoring unit.

This report discovered that the U.N. “continues to receive credible allegations of killings, enforced disappearances and other violations” targeting former Afghan officials, members of their security forces, and those that worked alongside U.S. officials.

“The mission has determined as credible reports that more than 100 of those individuals have been killed – more than two-thirds of them allegedly by the Taliban or their affiliates – since Aug. 15,” stated Reuters in regards to the report. “There also are credible allegations of the extra-judicial killings of at least 50 people suspected of belonging to the local branch of the Islamic State militant group, according to the report.”

The report itself went on to say: “Human rights defenders and media workers continue to come under attack, intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment and killings.”

This development comes as yet another strike against the Biden administration, which hung its hopes on the Taliban not falling back to their roots in terrorism and barbarism in the wake of taking control of Afghanistan after the administration dropped the ball on the military withdrawal. As reported by The New York Times back in April of last year, well before the Taliban took over the country, the Biden administration consistently stated that the Taliban could govern much more moderately than people feared, seemingly in an attempt to gain more legitimacy and financial support from various other countries.

The report from the U.N. is just another confirmation of how badly the Biden administration handled the situation in Afghanistan.

Reuters went on the report that the Taliban is currently planning to reopen the public universities in Afghanistan, which were taken down when the terror regime took control, however, it is still unclear if women will be allowed to acquire educations at these establishments. As noted by the outlet, Taliban officials, in the past, “have suggested that women could be taught in separate classes.”

“So far, the Taliban government has reopened high schools for boys only in most parts of the country. Some private universities have reopened, but in many cases female students have not been able to return to class,” claimed Reuters. “Western governments have made education for female students a part of their demands as the Taliban seek more foreign aid and the unfreezing of overseas assets.”

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