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Super PAC Backing GOP Candidate Pulls Millions from TV Ads! Is His Campaign DOA?

In a stunning turn of events, the primary Super PAC backing Senator Tim Scott’s (R-SC) presidential campaign has announced it’s yanking “millions of dollars in television ads” due to disappointing poll numbers. This bombshell development could spell disaster for Scott’s 2024 White House bid.

The Trust in the Mission PAC, Scott’s primary financial supporter, made this shock announcement in a memo to donors. This comes after millions of dollars in ad buys have failed to move the needle on Scott’s poll figures. “We aren’t going to waste our money when the electorate isn’t focused or ready for a Trump alternative,” wrote Rob Collins, co-chairman of the super PAC, as reported by The New York Times.

This dramatic move, along with Scott’s lackluster performance in the latest fundraising quarter — where he is languishing at a mere 2% according to RealClearPolitics average — has sent shockwaves through political circles. Many are interpreting these developments as signs that donors are “all but abandoning Mr. Scott.”

The canceled television ads, which could amount to more than $15 million, will be redirected towards bolstering Scott’s ground game in early primary states, as per The Washington Post. Despite this, the super PAC will continue to fund its “grassroots door knocking, conduit fundraising, event hosting, and earned media efforts.”

In an unexpected twist, Collins took aim at former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in his memo, dismissing her as a moderate who won’t win the primary, regardless of how many “elite insiders champion their candidacies.”

He further explained, “In a news environment dominated by two wars and a chaotic scrum over the Speakership, TV money will simply be wasted. Voters are tuning out a political race where no one will caucus for more than three months.”

This shock development raises serious questions about the viability of Scott’s presidential campaign. Is this the beginning of the end for his White House aspirations? Only time will tell.

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