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Stacey Abrams Suddenly Under Fire – Trump Indictment Backfires, Her Election Past Gets Exposed

Stacey Abrams Suddenly Under Fire – Trump Indictment Backfires, Her Election Past Gets Exposed

What’s Happening:

Once again, Democrats have indicted Donald Trump. This time, a leftist DA out of Georgia is accusing Trump of pushing a conspiracy to overturn the state’s election results. But this DA has a big problem. Namely, having to prove her wild claims against Trump and his allies.

The left is trying to prove Trump broke the law, based on public statements and–especially–comments made on social media. Experts have already pointed out how flimsy this indictment appears since all those statements are protected under the First Amendment. But if Democrats can get away with prosecuting someone over social media posts denying election results, then a far-left Democrat is also in big trouble.

From Breitbart:

The indictment, however, describes “acts” furthering the “conspiracy” that largely consist of public statements, protests, claims at hearings, and even posts on social media — the very same kinds of actions and statements Abrams and her allies made for years.

Like Trump and his associates, Abrams made her claims of a stolen election repeatedly, from public platforms (and appears to have believed them). Like Trump, Abrams enlisted the help of political allies — and, worse, other elected Democratic officials.

Uh-oh. The latest attack against Trump revolves around statements he and other Republicans made, that the 2020 Election was stolen. Georgia’s leftist DA is claiming these public statements, and posts to social media, “prove” Trump was trying to overturn the election.

There doesn’t appear to be much more evidence than that. Just comments and statements, which are protected under the First Amendment.

But we’ve seen, since 2020, how Democrats censored anyone who questioned the result of the election. Social media companies even went out of their way to flag content for just asking questions. It appears Democrats have waged a campaign that states if you dare challenge the liberal narrative, you aren’t protected by the First Amendment.

They didn’t seem to care when radical leftist Stacey Abrams did it. She ran for governor of Georgia, twice, and lost to Republican Brian Kemp. She repeatedly claimed, on social media and everywhere else, that the 2018 election (when she first lost) had been stolen.

She even got supporters, allies, and Democrat officials to say much the same thing. So, why hasn’t she been indicted? The left hasn’t accused her of overturning the 2018, despite making the same claims.

We don’t believe Abrams when she claimed the 2018 election was stolen. But we are wondering why she is allowed to walk free–and Trump and his associates are being prosecuted?

Many believe Democrats no longer believe in free speech or the First Amendment. This gross prosecution of Americans seems to only confirm that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Georgia Democrats are prosecuting Trump for claiming the 2020 election was stolen.
  • Failed Democrat Stacey Abrams said much the same thing about her failed 2018 campaign.
  • Prosecutors did not indict Abrams, despite doing much the same thing as Trump.

Source: Breitbart



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