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Southern State Betrays Biden – New Report Shows a Surprise Candidate Surging

What’s Happening:

The liberal establishment has all but christened Joe Biden for 2024. Despite the fact that voters get to decide who leads them, leftists refuse to allow Biden to face any serious challenge. Biden is considered one of the worst presidents of all time, with terrible approval numbers. If anyone should face a primary challenge it is him.

And guess what, he is! Democrats have tried to write off Robert F. Kennedy Jr. But the man continues to gain steam among moderate and liberal voters. His interviews and videos are going viral online. And he has repeatedly called out Biden for a debate. And now, Joe might not be able to ignore him any longer.

From Breitbart:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surging in South Carolina among Democrat voters, according to a poll released Monday.

Kennedy Jr. now has the support of 24 percent of likely Democrat primary voters in a state that was pivotal to saving President Joe Biden’s flailing bid for the Democrat nomination…

“In a three-way election today, Biden leads 55% to Kennedy’s 24%,” Jeremy Zogby wrote in an analysis. Marianne Williamson took five percent, and 16 percent were undecided.

In a head-to-head matchup between Biden and Kennedy, Biden’s lead narrowed to only 10 points, the poll showed.

Uh-oh. Joe Biden could be in big trouble. South Carolina was the state that saved Crooked Joe, after he lost numerous ones during the 2020 primary. He came out the clear winner in SC, which saved his campaign and helped him win the nomination.

But today, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surging in the polls. In a three-way matchup, Kennedy had 24% of the vote. When it is down to Biden and Kennedy, Joe’s lead drops to only 10 points.

Keep in mind, that we are months away from primary voting. If RFK has this kind of lead today, imagine the ground he might gain through early 2024. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is hated by the liberal establishment because he questions many of their narratives.

But that could be the very thing that wins him support among voters. On top of that, Joe Biden has failed to deliver to many supporters since 2021. The economy is a wreck, he is sending billions to Ukraine, the border is open, and crime is left unchecked.

Could it be that more voters will switch to Kennedy before this is all over? I guess we’ll find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surging in support among South Carolina Democrats.
  • Joe Biden won South Carolina in 2020, which saved his failing campaign.
  • Democrats have tried to dismiss Kennedy’s campaign, but he is growing in popularity.

Source: Breitbart



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