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Somebody Let the Vice President Out and She Made Another Mess

Who left the Vice President’s door open? She got out after being basically hidden for weeks and she made another mess. 

Vice President Kamala Harris posted a Tweet on Monday about vaccines, but like many of her speeches, it was hard to fully understand. And Health and Human Secretary Xavier Becerra posted a related one the following day that seemed to contradict Harris’ message.

“One shot, once a year—that’s all most people will need to stay protected from COVID year-long,” Harris’ tweet read while including a link to vaccines.gov.

But Becerra’s suggested to people that if they hadn’t had a shot in over two months that they should go ahead and “get one now” to “help protect you from the worst outcomes of COVID.” 

The post was directed at people over 50 years old, who the CDC says are the most likely to die from severe cases of the coronavirus:

So who should we follow? Should you just get one once a year or every two months? The mixed messaging created confusion. One person tweeted, “Yesterday the Vice President @VP told us that a covid booster is good for a year. Today the health secretary is telling us it’s only good for two months. Nobody will tell us its actual benefits or risks. “

Other people have said that the vaccine would not protect you from catching COVID again. If you go to the CDC website, you can get even more confused. 

The truth is that every case is different and the best thing that any of us can do is talk to a doctor that we trust and who knows your specific medical situation. 

Government officials are certainly not the experts here, and that is especially true of the vice president. 

Somebody should lead her back into hiding and make sure the door is shut.

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