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Some of the Trashiest Facebook Posts We Could Find on the Internet

Some of the Trashiest Facebook Posts We Could Find on the Internet

Social media platforms play on human emotions. These inherently addictive social outlets have garnered billions of dollars in profits from exploiting our weaknesses. Psychological studies are beginning to reveal how bad social media can be.

There are multiple components to these mysterious algorithms that manipulate our news feed. They are calculated strategies to control what we see and when we see it. Oddly enough, many involve the spreading of some pretty trashy ideas. Occasionally, these posts are funny.

Other times, there’s an element of melancholy in their hidden meaning. Many of these posts are too insane to take seriously. Some posts are offensive shares about celebrities. Nevertheless, other questionable Facebook banter hits very close to home.

We might get things from best friends or daily work acquaintances. The proximity of our relationship to the poster is of little relevance. However, sometimes these trashy Facebook sharers are a quick click away from being a newfound friend.

If you haven’t experienced a truly absurd or trashy post, maybe you’re living a sheltered existence on social media. If so, here are some pretty wild posts that you may have missed. Beware; we didn’t censor all of these PG-13 for adult content.

The headline on one post read “Only Slightly Used”. We kid you not. One young coed thought it appropriate to sell a pair of edible panties on social media. No, we’re not kidding. This poster insisted that her “bf” didn’t like licorice.

Under the category of a disclaimer, we suppose, she also made mention that the panties had only been worn once. We’re not certain this would fall under the trashy category as much as it definitely hits all the requirements for ignorance.

One post that corners the market on trashy involves only a pictorial reference to total smut. The image is of a tattooed hand. The pinky finger is tatted “stink”. The index and middle fingers are embellished with ink as well.

These digits are marked both as “pink”. We would venture to argue that this trashy poster may be in line for some serious therapeutic intervention. Another individual posted a clear indication of a serious need for another possible type of intervention.

A heading appropriate to this trashy post would be “Get Your Facts Straight”. After a brief litany of expressive talk about other people’s misguided references to the poster’s name, they made sure to “get one thing straight”.

This person made it clear that any reference to them as a crack head was incorrect. They were a meth head and proud of the fact. Now, not all the posts uncovered are trashy by themselves. However, the target of the post may have perpetrated a trashy deed.

One such post came from a stiffed bartender. Seems a drinking patron walked out on a $70 bar tab. The post titled “Bartender” thanked the person for stiffing them with a $70 bill. Evidently, the bartender had not only had this person’s name, Misty, but her child support card as well.

We’re not sure if that’s how this deadbeat proposed to pay for her drinks, but it still shows you the lengths of trashy exchanges available on social media. There have been posts showing misspelled tattoos, plus proclamations of true love discovered in courtrooms.

One such romance showed a visual image of two love birds donning their community control ankle bracelets. Guess these tracking devices could double as wedding rings. We wonder if they used police sirens in place of church bells to announce their pending marital bliss.

One young lady posted of her entrepreneurial savvy proven her profits from selling the personal belongs of her ex. One thing that is for certain, social media posters are not lost on significance. However, some of them appear to be lost on intelligence, or at least the wise use of such.

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