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Shocking Chinese/Cuba Scheme Unearthed

In a surprising development, U.S. Rep. Carlos Gimenez, a prominent Republican lawmaker representing the Florida Keys, has raised concerns about an alleged partnership between China and Cuba. According to Gimenez, these two communist nations have purportedly joined forces to facilitate the transportation of Chinese nationals across the treacherous Straits of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean, with the apparent intent of smuggling them into the United States. This revelation comes shortly after the apprehension of 17 Chinese nationals within Gimenez’s congressional district.

Gimenez expressed his unease about this situation, emphasizing that it marked the first time Chinese nationals have been apprehended while attempting to cross into the Florida Keys region. The exact identities and motivations of these individuals remain uncertain.

The incident unfolded when U.S. Border Patrol agents and Florida Highway Patrol troopers responded to a vessel landing in Key Largo on October 23. Alongside the 17 Chinese immigrants, authorities also detained three Ecuadorians during the operation. This occurrence has raised significant questions about the alleged collaboration between China and Cuba and its potential implications for U.S. national security.

Earlier this year, reports emerged about a covert agreement between China and Cuba to establish an electronic eavesdropping base on an island territory located approximately 100 miles off the U.S. coast. The recent incident adds to concerns about Chinese nationals who have posed as tourists to engage in suspicious activities near sensitive U.S. military bases and infrastructure.

Gimenez pointed out that some responsibility lies with the Biden administration’s border policies, which have led to record-breaking illegal immigrant encounters since President Joe Biden assumed office. He expressed apprehensions regarding the growing threats of espionage and potential terrorist activities within the United States. He urged for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Chairman Mark Green of the House Homeland Security Committee also emphasized the release of a substantial number of Chinese nationals into the U.S. in 2023. These developments underline the pressing concerns related to national security and immigration policies in the United States, requiring close attention and action by relevant authorities.


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