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Senate Democrat Issues Surprise Threat – He’ll Do the Unthinkable For More War Cash

Senate Democrat Issues Surprise Threat – He’ll Do the Unthinkable For More War Cash

What’s Happening:

Just prior to Speaker McCarthy’s ousting, the House passed a government funding bill. This bill met certain demands from the conservative wing, including cuts to spending. The fate of this bill remains unclear, as it has to be reconciled with the spending bill passed by the Senate days earlier.

It appears both Republicans and Democrats in the upper chamber are on board with a controversial Biden move. Biden has been eager to continue this agenda, despite growing resentment among Americans.

While millions of Americans struggle with inflation, Biden has vowed to send more and more of our money away. And one Senate Democrat was so adamant about approving this move, that he was willing to throw Congress into a tailspin to get it.

From Breitbart:
Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) said that he is “definitely” willing to shut down the government if a bill to keep it open doesn’t include Ukraine funding…

Host Katy Tur asked, “Are you ready to hold up a bill that comes to the Senate that does not include that Ukraine funding, potentially to shut down the government?”

Bennet answered, “I definitely am. I definitely am.”

Democrat Michael Bennet admitted he was willing to shut down the government to force the U.S. to continue funding the war in Ukraine. To date, America has spent $70 billion on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Nearly all of that money went to defense contractors. It appears little humanitarian aid has been spent to help Ukrainians harmed by the invasion. Instead, Joe Biden and Democrats are burning through American tax dollars, giving it to the military-industrial complex.

Democrats in the Senate are so eager to keep this special interest group funded, that they might shut down the government. A government shutdown would mean soldiers and veterans would lose benefits. Social Security and Medicare recipients might not get their support. As would others relying on government aid.

It appears Bennet is willing to hold needy Americans hostage in exchange for supporting a seemingly endless war. This comes as more Americans oppose U.S. involvement in the war, especially as the country struggles economically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat Sen. Bennet said he was willing to shut down the government for more Ukraine war spending.
  • Both Senate Republicans and Democrats have pushed for more billions spent on the war.
  • Nearly all the money has gone to defense contractors, who lobby in Washington.

Source: Breitbart



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