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Sen. Tuberville Puts Former CIA Director in the Hot Seat with Capitol Police

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has reported former CIA Director Michael Hayden to the Capitol Police for suggesting that the lawmaker should be removed “from the human race.”

Hayden made the comment in a tweet on Tuesday, in response to Tuberville’s vote against the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. The announcement signals an escalation over Tuberville’s months-long “hold” on the Democrat-led Senate’s ability to quickly approve U.S. military nominees in protest against a Pentagon abortion policy.

Hayden, a retired four-star general who in addition to serving as head of the CIA also worked as chief of the NSA during his career, stirred controversy when he responded to a post on X on Monday that asked, “Should Tommy Tuberville be removed from his committee? Yes or No?” His account replied, “How about the human race?”

The comment led to massive criticism, including from other GOP lawmakers who regarded what Hayden said as a threat and even the suggestion of an assassination attempt.

“This morning my office was made aware of a statement made by General Michael Hayden calling for a politically motivated assassination,” Tuberville said in a statement. “This statement is disgusting and it is repugnant to everything we believe in as Americans. Given General Hayden’s long career in Washington, he must have known that, by making such a statement, he was committing a serious crime.”

Tuberville added, “His own efforts today to reinterpret what he said are only a tacit admission of guilt. If we still have a nonpolitical justice system in this country, then General Hayden will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My office has reported this incident to the Capitol Police and I expect that they will once again do an excellent job protecting members of Congress and bringing criminals to justice.”

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