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Roseanne Goes After Liberal Hollywood Director – The Actress Responds Harshly to Rob Reiner

Roseanne Goes After Liberal Hollywood Director – The Actress Responds Harshly to Rob Reiner

What’s Happening:

Comedian Roseanne Barr was in “entertainment jail” for years over a single tweet. The social network banned her after critics claimed she made a racist comment about a former Obama official. But many believed she was targeted over her outspoken support of Donald Trump, who had recently entered office.

Only recently has Roseanne returned to social media. Elon Musk-owned X restored her account. And Roseanne has announced a show exclusive to the social network. In trademark style, the comedian has called out her critics and other Hollywood figures who attack Trump and the GOP. The woman has even called out one of the most active Trump critics, director Rob Reiner.

From Daily Wire:

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr fired back at director Rob Reiner on Sunday, responding to his latest complaint about former President Donald Trump and the future of the United States…

“We know why you’re cheating and lying and indicting and false flagging,” Barr continued. “It’s your only hope. But keep telling us we are the threat to democracy.”

Hollywood figure Rob Reiner made the claim that Donald Trump will be a “Convicted Felon” who tried to “destroy American Democracy.” He condemned Republicans for continuing to support the former president. And Reiner indicated that America will not “survive” if Trump is re-elected in 2024.

Roseanne was quick to call out Reiner posting, “What a crazy idea, you mean beat him in a fair and general election that would require good ideas and debate.”

She went on to criticize Reiner and other Democrats by saying they are “cheating and lying and indicting and false flagging.” The Trump supporter said that the left’s “only hope” is to use such tactics to win the election.

Since returning to X, Roseanne has not only called out celebrity Democrats, but Joe Biden himself. She has criticized the mainstream media’s apparent lax coverage of Biden’s administration. Roseanne accused the media of conducting “gaslighting campaigns” in apparent attempts at spinning Biden’s bad numbers and ongoing problems.

Roseanne has been a beloved entertainer for many years. Her return to social media will surely attract attention from fans and critics. It is possible her continued comments and criticisms will have an influence on the upcoming election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roseanne Barr criticized a post by Hollywood figure Rob Reiner.
  • She called out Democrats “cheating and lying,” claiming that is their “only hope.”
  • Roseanne was previously kicked off social media over a single post.

Source: Daily Wire



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