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Republicans Take Action Against Biden Official – They Want to Strip Her Salary Immediately

Republicans Take Action Against Biden Official – They Want to Strip Her Salary Immediately

What’s Happening:

Republicans are on the attack as a failed Biden nominee continues to work in the administration and receive a large salary. The bureaucrat is pushing through aggressive automobile fuel efficiency regulations and GOP members want her paycheck cut off.

Joe Biden appointed former environmental law professor at UCLA, Ann Carlson, to serve as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) chief counsel. Her formal nomination for the position of administrator was pulled when she faced stiff opposition in the Senate. Yet Biden kept her on board.

Republican lawmakers say the continued appointment skirts the constitutional requirements of the nomination process and Carlson should not be drawing a government paycheck. GOP leaders, led by Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Cynthia Lummis (WY) introduced budget legislation to defund Carlson’s salary.

From Fox News:
“To comply with the law, you should immediately correct your violation of the law by removing Ms. Carlson from her so-called acting administrator position,” Cruz and the 12 other Republicans wrote in their letter to Biden last week.

The letter stated that Biden should nominate a “serious and well-qualified” person as the NHTSA administrator. Republicans pointed out that Carlson has pushed fuel economy standards that experts warned would substantially increase car prices and force electric vehicle purchases.

Cruz has been outspoken against Biden’s EV mandates and subsidies that he says have been inspired by “radical politicians in deep blue states.” Cruz said Biden’s edicts have been put into practice by “unaccountable bureaucrats like Ann Carlson.”

Cruz and Lummis’ bill is set to be introduced as an amendment to a so-called “minibus” appropriations package funding the Departments of Transportation, Housing, and Veterans Affairs for fiscal year 2024. The amendment would effectively strip away Carlson’s salary.

Cruz has attributed the current autoworkers strike to Biden policies. He characterized Biden’s EV agenda as a the “left’s full-fledged assault on popular gas-powered cars and trucks” that is causing “chaos” in the auto sector.

Republicans have said through the nomination process that they don’t want Carlson as an administrator because of her history of environmental activism and ideas of transforming NHTSA into a climate-focused agency.

Key Takeaways:

  • GOP senators want Joe Biden to remove “unaccountable” nominee.
  • New budget item from Republicans plans to end bureaucrat’s salary.
  • Appointed administrator has worked to push electric vehicle use.

Source: Fox News



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