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Red State Prepared to Make 1 Radical Decision – It Could Affect Every Parent in the State

Red State Prepared to Make 1 Radical Decision – It Could Affect Every Parent in the State

What’s Happening:

Cutting the purse strings of the federal government has been a controversial topic for decades. Few states have actually done anything about it. But the federal government under Joe Biden has been imposing more strict terms in order to receive federal funds.

State politicians aren’t too happy about being under Biden’s thumb and one Red state has decided to find out if the budget can live without this “free” money. Leaders in Tennessee are reviewing one of the biggest expenses in any state. They believe it’s time to kick the federal government out of the budget process.

The move would make Tennessee the first nation to turn down federal education funding. Republican leadership in the state want to cut the “strings” that too often are attached to taking money from the feds.

From The Daily Wire:
“Any time the federal government sends money, there are always strings attached to those dollars, and there is always a possibility that it opens the state up to other regulations or restrictions,” said Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton.

A GOP-led panel will work to provide a clear picture of “how much autonomy Tennessee truly has in educating our students,” Sexton said. They want to know if the state can fund education without accepting federal funds. The panel has eight Republicans and two Democrats.

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally believes the state’s positive financial situation presents a time to study this potential financial autonomy. He said education is an essential responsibility for the state, and leaders want to avoid mandates and restrictions that are attached to accepting federal dollars.

Democrats are openly opposed to giving up federal funds, claiming there will be “harsh consequences” if Tennessee rejects the money. Sexton disagrees and believes the change in funds is needed.

“We as a state can lead the nation once again in telling the federal government that they can keep their money and we’ll just do things the Tennessee way,” Sexton said earlier this year.

Any state-level budget process that sends the federal government to the sidelines is a welcome sight to Americans who don’t want to see their tax money have restrictions attached. We hope the Tennessee Republicans can make this happen while helping all students and their tax-paying parents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red State is working to give federal funds the boot from the budget.
  • “Strings” attached to federal education money could be cut.
  • Republicans want to ditch mandates and restrictions of federal funds.

Source: The Daily Wire



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