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Obese YouTuber Criticizes Joe Rogan’s Health Choices

Obesity is a growing problem all over the world. While there are uncontrollable genetic issues and diseases that make weight control virtually impossible, most overweight people choose to be that way. Obesity is exceedingly bad in the United States.

The U.S. is ranked 12th in the world for having the highest percentage of obese people. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 40 percent of adults in the U.S. classify as obese. A global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has devastated the world.

Healthcare experts point to obesity as one of the most dangerous compromising conditions. Obesity has been directly linked to higher rates of COVID-19 hospitalization and death. Obesity itself should be considered a pandemic.

However, some obese people refuse to admit the facts. Instead, they try to deflect blame for what essentially amounts to personal laziness. What becomes even more insane is when obese people try to expose someone with healthy aspirations as the problem.

Joe Rogan is a popular podcaster. He’s also an extremely healthy man. Rogan makes no bones about his ambition to maintain the highest level of personal fitness. Just like someone who decides to be lazy and fat, Rogan has that right.

Nevertheless, it’s a bad look for an obese person to criticize someone, obviously in good health, for their lifestyle. Logic would seem to indicate the opposite would be in order. It appears many YouTube users and Twitter followers think the same.

Ethan Klein is a notorious YouTube windbag. Klein is also horribly overweight. In all honesty, he could be the poster child for obesity. So, when he attacked Joe Rogan for his fitness and COVID-related advice, it did not go over well for the YouTuber known as “h3h3 productions”.

Klein proceeded to bombard Rogan with a series of profanity laden rants. Beyond being implausible, most of his comments made little or no sense. Klein obviously took offense to Rogan platforming Dr. Robert Malone.

Dr. Malone is the scientist who developed the mRNA technology used to produce the COVID-19 vaccine. The acclaimed scientist has been critical of vaccine policy. But Klein continued to attack Rogan on Twitter for an odd array of lifestyle choices, especially his vaccination status.

He targeted Rogan for his diet. Klein also bemoaned Rogan for having used therapeutics to battle COVID when he got it. The YouTube blowhard also claimed Rogan suggested fat people should just die from COVID.

I won’t post the rest of his tweet rant because it’s laced with the f-word, but you can click on the tweet above and see the whole thing on Twitter.

That is not only insane, but untrue. Virtually every word posted by Klein exposed his total ignorance. Caleb Hall, a conservative political commentator, replied, “Sorry, we should definitely all be getting our health advice from Ethan Klein instead, who is clearly more healthy.”

Obviously, a quick look at Rogan and Klein proves Caleb Hall has a sense of humor. Political host Lauren Chen insisted that Klein was in no position to lecture anyone about their health and fitness. Popular Libs of TikTok only replied “WYD”, with a picture of Klein.

It would be too much like a pride-wounded little kid to resort to name-calling. No one should make fun of obese people. However, they are obese. The facts cannot be denied. If they’re sick, or have a terrible disease, they should be treated with compassion and sympathy.

But if they’ve chosen to be lazy, fat and unhealthy, then they shouldn’t be held up as some kind of role model. They’re not. Nevertheless, all sense of sympathy and compassion aside, Ethan Klein proves he is clearly one thing, a total buffoon.

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