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Obama’s Half-Brother Betrays Democrats – Look What Hat He’s Wearing in Viral Image

Obama’s Half-Brother Betrays Democrats – Look What Hat He’s Wearing in Viral Image

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden is losing popularity points daily as he fumbles his way through the final months of his presidency. Calls are growing for him to step aside and people with big names are showing just how much they dislike the stumbler-in-chief.

Red hats with big, bold while letters are a quick sign that someone is not in the Biden reelection camp. Former President Donald Trump made these hats famous and people who hate the current president are getting creative and direct with calling for Biden’s reign to end.

From Breitbart:

Former President Barack Obama’s older half-brother, Malik Obama, uploaded a photo of himself to social media wearing a hat that read, “F Biden” and told Breitbart News that he is all-in supporting former President Donald Trump in 2024.

The older Obama made it clear that he is a Republican and definitely does not support “Sloppy Joe” as a Democrat. That is a pretty harsh indictment against Biden’s presidency.

More people are coming out against Biden with even Democrats calling for him to let someone else run for president in his place. Republicans and others who oppose Biden for president are stepping up their intensity in saying how they feel. The creator of the “F Biden” hat and logo, Gary Grinberg, expressed his deep discontent with the Biden administration and why he made the hat.

“I designed the hat because I’m going to be vocal. I’m not going to shut my mouth. I’m not going to be a ‘hear no evil, see no evil.’ I want people to see it, that’s why I made it red. So, it f***ng stood out,” Grinberg told Breitbart News.

Malik Obama took this opportunity to make clear how he feels about his younger brother. Malik told the news outlet that he doesn’t get along with his brother who he sees as a disappointment. As Malike said, “It seems like once he became a big shot, it got to his head. And now he thinks that he’s god.”

Malik Obama’s proud support of Trump and his criticism against Biden appears to be a growing trend. More people who might be expected to lean to the left are openly calling for change by sending Biden into retirement. The more who get behind Trump the better because this nation needs to leave behind the Biden era as quickly as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Betrayal against Democrats continues with Trump-friendly hat.
  • Half-brother of Barak Obama makes clear his anti-Biden stance.
  • Hat maker will not stay silent as he promotes “vocal” design.

Source: Breitbart



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