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Netanyahu: Hamas Worse Than ISIS – Look at This Grave Warning – Watch

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Wednesday that Hamas is “worse than ISIS” and that “every Hamas operative will die.”

The Prime Minister’s remarks come after more than 1,200 Israelis were murdered and thousands more were injured in rocket barrages as terrorists simultaneously stormed the border and massacred civilians at a concert and in small communities located along the Israeli-Gaza border.

Netanyahu informed the country that Israeli officials from different political parties put their differences aside and formed a unity wartime government as they fight for their very survival.

“We’ve seen these savages,” he said. “We’ve seen these barbarians we are dealing with, we are fighting against a brutal and vicious enemy, an enemy which is worse than ISIS. We’ve seen little children, boys and girls, being handcuffed and shot in their head. Men and women who were burned alive. Young women who were raped and massacred. Combatants who were decapitated. In one place, they placed people together and brought spare tires, spare wheels from all around to have burning materials, and then burned these people alive.”

“It is so horrific,” he continued. “It is so atrocious, the pain is so great. Every family in Israel knows someone who had perished. And you start hearing the news and you start hearing the names and it’s terrible. I think we all know people that their loved ones were massacred, were burned, were killed. But as great as this atrocity is, so is our heroism great. Men and women, mothers and fathers, combatants and civilians, who showed extreme heroism and bravery. They all fought. And we are all fighting for our home, the unity among our nation in times of sorrow.”

“We are fighting in full force in all theaters. Now, we are on the offensive,” he said. “Every Hamas operative will die. Hamas is ISIS. We will crush them and get rid of them just as the world crushed and got rid of ISIS. I would like to strengthen our combatants, all the people in our security forces and relief and rescue forces. The entire people of Israel are behind you.”

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