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Nancy Caught in a Lie After Claiming ‘Cold Hard Evidence’ of Russian Collusion

Ever since Donald Trump announced his run for president, Democrats have been after him. At first they didn’t take him seriously, but when they started realizing that he had a lot of momentum, they devised a plan to try and prevent him from becoming President. When that didn’t work, they kept pushing the plan in hope of removing him from office. When that didn’t work, they just started throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him, even though they knew it was all lies.

Back in 2017, Nancy Pelosi said this:

This week, we saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign, indeed, the Trump family eagerly intending to collude, possibly with Russia, a hostile foreign power to influence American elections in the month. Again, as we celebrate the courage of our founders, republicans in Congress have become enable of the Trump Russia assault on our democracy. After these latest revelations, it’s becoming clear we have suffered a desecration of our democracy not seen since Watergate. Speaker Ryan must allow a vote on an outside independent kit mission to get to the bottom of the Trump campaign’s role in Russia’s assault on our democracy and prevent Putin from ever doing it again. Immediately.

Did Pelosi know that she was lying about this? She must have. Because there is NO EVIDENCE. The Durham report debunks everything about the Trump/Russia collusion story. This was all a political ploy to remove Donald Trump from power. It was always about that. They would stop at nothing and seemingly everyone was in on it.

John Brennan had briefed Barack Obama and Joe Biden on it back in August 2016 that there wasn’t anything there. Hillary Clinton helped pay for the fake evidence. James Comey, Peter Strzok, and Andrew McCabe all lied about it. There was cover up after cover up, and at this point, there needs to be some prosecution.

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