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Mom Gets Warrant For Late Library Books

A stay-at-home mom was recently met with a shocking discovery when she went to the DMV to renew her driver’s license – she had a warrant out for her arrest over overdue library books.

Kaylee Morgan, a mother of five from Grimes County, Texas, was told that she could be taken to jail for her failure to return a couple of books she borrowed from Navasota Public Library in March 2023. The warrant demanded her immediate surrender to avoid the possibility of being arrested in front of her children. Upon learning of this situation, a perplexed Morgan shared her experience in a video on Facebook, claiming that she had simply forgotten to return one book that was too big to fit into the returns box and that she didn’t realize the severity of her situation until she went to renew her license.

Morgan went on to explain that she returned the books in question and had only accrued a small amount in fines but was shocked to find out that she now owed over $500 in library fines and court fees. Despite her claims of innocence and difficult circumstances at the time the books were due, the county judge was less sympathetic and likened her actions to stealing from a store.

The judge also made it clear that the warrant for her arrest would remain active and that she would not be able to renew her license until the fine was paid in full. With no way to pay the steep fine, Morgan was left confused and worried about the repercussions of her overdue library books.

After her story gained attention on social media, Morgan set up a GoFundMe page to help pay off the fines, and she received an overwhelming amount of support from her community. In just a few days, she was able to raise over $1,300, which helped her pay off the fine in full.

With the fines paid, Morgan is now hoping to hire a lawyer to help get the situation cleared from her record and avoid any potential problems in the future. However, she still has many unanswered questions, such as who signed the warrant and why she was never served or made aware of it.

Fox News Digital reached out to several authorities in Navasota and Grimes County but has not yet received a response. It is unclear why there was such a discrepancy in the amount of the fine and what led to the warrant being issued in the first place. The lack of communication between the county and Morgan is also concerning, as she was never aware of the warrant or the fines until she tried to renew her license.

This story has raised questions about the legal system and the consequences of overdue library books, as well as the use of warrants for such minor offenses. Many have also expressed support and sympathy for Morgan, who is a homeschooling mother of five and had a difficult pregnancy at the time the books were due.

The response from Morgan’s community has been mostly positive, with many offering their support and help in any way they can. However, there have also been some who question the validity of her claims and suggest that she is making a smear campaign against the county. Despite these differing opinions, it is clear that the situation has caused a great deal of stress and confusion for Morgan and her family.

She has expressed her hope to clear her name and move on from this ordeal, but it is uncertain how long this process may take. In the meantime, she has urged others to be aware of the potential consequences of overdue library books and to take extra care to avoid similar situations in the future.

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