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Missouri AG Discusses Possible Charges In High Profile Case

A Missouri teenager remains in critical condition ten days after a vicious beating near her high school in Hazelwood East. Kaylee Gain, 16, had her head slammed repeatedly on the pavement during the March 8 attack, causing a fractured skull and life-threatening brain injuries. In a statement released by the family’s attorney Bryan Kaemmerer on Monday, her parents revealed that Gain has yet to regain consciousness, making it difficult to determine the full extent of her injuries and her prognosis for recovery.

Gain, a student at Hazelwood East High School, was involved in a physical altercation with another girl before being brutally attacked. The graphic video of the incident shows Gain being punched repeatedly before being slammed to the ground and having her head pounded on the pavement. The attacker can be seen displaying a complete disregard for Gain’s safety as she continues to strike her, even as she is convulsing on the ground.

The 15-year-old assailant was later taken into custody by the police. However, her name has not been released because she is a minor. The lawyer for the attacker, Gregory Smith, released a statement on Monday expressing his client’s remorse and joining the call to denounce teen violence and bullying. “I believe all of the facts and circumstances of this incident are not appropriate to discuss at this time when another child is in such critical condition,” the statement read.

The Gain family has expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received from the community thus far. Two GoFundMe accounts have raised over $340,000 to help with Kaylee’s medical expenses and lost wages as her parents stay by her side. The family has asked for continued prayers for Kaylee’s recovery and has cautioned against any retaliatory attacks.

As the investigation continues, lawmakers have called for the assailant to face maximum consequences for her actions. In a statement shared on X, Attorney General Andrew Bailey wrote that “the criminal should be charged and tried as an adult. If the victim dies, that offense should rise to a homicide.” Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe has also expressed shock and outrage at the incident, stating that those involved “must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

The Gain family’s attorney has emphasized that their focus remains solely on Kaylee’s recovery at this time. They urge the community to recognize the severity of this incident and reflect on the consequences of violent actions. “The publicity associated with this entirely unnecessary incident makes other teenagers realize that momentary violent actions can have life-altering consequences,” the statement reads.

In the wake of this tragic incident, calls for awareness and accountability have been renewed. Parents are being urged to have open and honest discussions with their children about the impact of violence and bullying. Hazelwood East High School has also released a statement expressing its commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all students. The school has stated that they are fully cooperating with law enforcement and have implemented additional security measures.

As the Gain family remains hopeful for Kaylee’s recovery, the community’s focus continues to be on supporting the family and seeking justice for the victim. The criminal investigation is ongoing, and more information will be released as it becomes available. In the meantime, the community is coming together to show their support for Kaylee and her family during this difficult time.

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