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McConnell Brushes Off CBS Host’s Constant Health Questions – Watch

The exchange occurred during an interview on “Face the Nation” when host Margaret Brennan asked Sen. Mitch McConnell about his recent health scare. McConnell (R-KY) said during the interview over the weekend that he has “completely recovered” from some health issues.

“People wonder about your health, how are you feeling?” Brennan asked. “How are you doing?”

The questions came after the senator fell a couple of times earlier this year, hitting his head during one fall. In subsequent incidents, McConnell froze up while speaking to the media after becoming dehydrated and lightheaded.

“I’m fine. I’m completely recovered, and I’m just fine,” he answered.

“You and your office felt the need to share and disclose some of the details about your health because of some of these public incidents,” Brennan responded. “And the doctor here said there was no evidence of Parkinson’s disease or a stroke or a seizure.”

“And I wonder, is there anything the public should know that wasn’t disclosed?” she asked.

McConnell answered, “I’m in good shape, completely recovered and back on the job.”

Brennan continued to press on the matter, asking, “Does that mean that you think you are able to continue serving, and you want to continue serving here at a time when we are talking about incredible dysfunction in Washington?”

“I think we ought to be talking about what we were talking about earlier, rather than my health,” McConnell said.

The exchange between McConnell and Brennan highlights the growing focus on the health of older politicians. As the population ages, more and more elected officials are finding themselves in their 70s and 80s. This has raised concerns about their ability to continue serving in office.

Some people have argued that there should be a mandatory retirement age for politicians, similar to what exists for judges in some states. Others have argued that politicians should be required to disclose more information about their health, so that voters can make informed decisions about who to elect.

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