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Matt Gaetz Responds to Jerry Nadler’s Refusal to Recite Pledge of Allegiance Before Hearings

Nothing says unpatriotic like refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but that’s exactly what we see from Democrats. It was quite appalling to hear Rep. Jerry Nadler’s objecting to Rep. Matt Gaetz request to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before regular House Judiciary Committee hearings. Gaetz proposed an amendment to include reciting the pledge at the start of each hearing, with the intention of creating a patriotic and unifying moment amongst committee members, but Nadler objected to it immediately citing that they already pledged allegiance every day on the floor, and it would be redundant to do so again in one day.

Gaetz reacted with his feelings on the opposition, stating “Standing for the American flag isn’t controversial. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t a waste of time. Democrats are so outraged at the idea of a daily dose of patriotism that they spent 30 minutes ranting and raving in opposition.” His sentiment was echoed by Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop who said “It’s absurd that Democrats on the committee don’t even want to say the pledge of allegiance. You would think it would be a simple request – not so for the Judiciary Democrats, who almost seemed allergic to reciting the pledge.”

That sentiment only grew more intense in 2021 when House Judiciary Democrats were caught making fun of Gaetz’s request to have them recite the Pledge during another hearing on hot mic audio. Rep. Steve Cohen and an unidentified House Democrat could be heard appearing to joke about Republicans’ request for them to recite it before hearings, failing even then to show respect for patriotic symbolics that bind us all as Americans regardless of party lines or political leanings.

The outcome here is both shocking and disheartening, that our nation’s lawmakers would refuse such an important gesture as partaking in a short act such as saying those 31 words together is unfathomable! It has been proven time and time again what reciting these words can do for morale, bringing people together in a moment of unity regardless of if you sit left or right on Capitol Hill. Should we not honor such an opportunity? It seems clear-cut rejecting this proposal was irresponsible. However, like many things there is hope still alive as we can continue fighting for moments like these and make sure gavels are never dropped until we can proudly chant “one nation under God” together once again!

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