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Matt Gaetz Nailed with Instant Karma – He Just Made 1 Historic Global Mistake

What’s Happening:

Last week, Republican lawmaker Matt Gaetz plunged the House into chaos by moving to remove Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker. Gaetz relied on the votes of Democrats to oust McCarthy, leaving the House without permanent leadership.

Republicans are scrambling to find a new Speaker, while Democrats are using this to ridicule the party. Legislation and other goals have been put on hold, while lawmakers campaign for the gavel.

Gaetz has been heavily criticized by Republicans for his move. He has been called a traitor. Others believe he did this just for the attention. But now with war breaking out in Israel, critics are blaming Gaetz for yet another disaster.

From Daily Wire:
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was grilled during an interview Sunday over whether his actions last week, which effectively paralyzed Congress just prior to war breaking out in the Middle East, were “irresponsible.” […]

“Congressman, you say that you stand with Israel, you’re ready to defend Israel,” Welker said. “And yet you’re completely incapable of helping Israel because you’ve brought Congress to a standstill, a state of paralysis. Have you not?”

A reporter hit Rep. Gaetz for putting the House into a “state of paralysis.” Without a Speaker, the House cannot pass legislation. This means, that just as Israel needs support from the U.S., Congress will be unable to pass any new measures to help them.

Gaetz was unrepentant when pressed about this. He claimed that Congress will have a new speaker “next week” and then they do their work. A week is a long time when war breaks out. The Republican appeared shockingly callous to a terror attack that left over 700 people dead and many captured as hostages.

It appears the lawmaker is trying to defend his decision at the very worst time. There is no clear reason why Gaetz opposed McCarthy. Critics claim he did it just for attention and a boost to his image. And now, Congress is left at a standstill, while one of our closest allies goes to war.

Gaetz might refused to accept responsibility for his role in this problem. But voters back home might think differently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Matt Gaetz was grilled for crippling Congress just as Israel is attacked.
  • Gaetz is responsible for “paralyzing” Congress by removing Speaker McCarthy.
  • Gaetz refused to admit wrong, sounding unconcerned about the chaos overseas.

Source: Daily Wire



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