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Massive Sting Operation Goes Down in Florida – And Disney Employees Just Got Hammered

Massive Sting Operation Goes Down in Florida – And Disney Employees Just Got Hammered

What’s Happening:

Many critics have raised concerns about Hollywood company Disney. Conflict exploded when left-leaning executives vowed to oppose a parental rights bill passed in Florida. State leaders fired back, vowing to hold the massive company accountable.

Disney has suffered setbacks due to failures at the box office. Americans are accusing the company of becoming “woke” and have refused to support it.

But the latest news will have Americans astounded. Florida authorities just conducted a massive sting that resulted in major arrests. And, as it turns out, Disney employees were among those captured.

From Fox News:
A Polk County, Florida, human trafficking operation earlier this month led to the arrests of 219 people, including people in the country illegally, a high school teacher, and three Disney employees, according to authorities…

The sheriff’s office said three suspects were Disney employees, and another worked at a Disney hotel.

Law enforcement out of Polk County, Florida announced massive arrests associated with a prostitution ring. Two hundred and nineteen people were arrested in connection to prostitution and human trafficking.

This includes those conducting the operation and many of their clients. Police state that out of the 119 prostitutes arrested, 21 might be possible victims of human trafficking. Meaning, that they were forced into this activity, perhaps even smuggled into the country for this purpose.

Among the clients arrested included a married man who coached for the local school system. Three of the suspects were Disney employees and another worked at a Disney hotel. Police have been heavily critical of the local school system for employing people accused of hiring prostitutes.

Critics will no doubt question how the Disney company was unable to vet employees now being accused of such crimes. It could raise even further concerns for Disney World and its properties. Was some of this activity going on at the park? How much did Disney executives know?

Police might resort to questioning Disney managers and other employees, to get to the bottom of this heinous ring.

Key Takeaways:

  • Police arrested 219 people in Polk County, Florida for prostitution and human trafficking.
  • Four of the people arrested worked for Disney or a Disney hotel.
  • This comes as Disney faces criticisms for its practices and leftist politics.

Source: Fox News



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