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Massive Military Move Stuns America – This 1 Action Could Mark New World History

Massive Military Move Stuns America – This 1 Action Could Mark New World History

What’s Happening:

The war in Israel is only growing. With each passing day, the world learns that more and more victims were killed in the unprovoked Hamas attack. Israel has vowed to punish the radical group for what they did.

Reports have indicated that other groups helped Hamas launch this attack. Other terror networks, as well as Iran, might have been involved. This could lead to a much larger conflict that could encompass more than just Israel.

The United States is Israel’s largest and strongest ally. Joe Biden has vowed to support the nation as it wages war with Hamas. But a recent move by over 2,000 Marines will have many Americans concerned.

From Fox News:
A special operations Marine Corps unit participating in exercises expected to last through Oct. 22, departed early this week “as a result of emerging events,” according to reports.

Marine Corps Times reported Wednesday that the sailors and Marines who are part of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Kuwait and traveling on the Bataan and Carter Hall, “are no longer in vicinity of Kuwait.”

White also told Marine Corps Times that the group was given orders to return to their ships “to prepare for further tasking as a result of emerging events.”

A group of Marines and sailors were stationed in Kuwait for training exercises through October. But on the first day of the scheduled training, Hamas attacked Israel. This week, the Marines announced the training has been canceled.

Marines and sailors returned to their ships as the military announced they were no longer near Kuwait. But their plans are unknown as the upper brass said the Marines were preparing for “further tasking” because of “emerging events.”

It is unlikely the Marines are referring to anything other than the recent attack in Israel. The U.S. has already sent two battleships to the vicinity of Israel since the war began. There were 3,000 sailors and Marines planning to participate in the now-canceled training.

The Pentagon has not announced what these service members are now doing. But it can be assumed they are at least on standby, as the world watches this war unfold. Could these American forces be used to help Israel fight Hamas?

The United States has been tight-lipped about how it is helping Israel. Biden has recently said that no American troops will step foot onto Israel. But with the number of Americans killed by the Hamas attack, the administration might be forced to take strong measures to punish the terror group itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thousands of Marines canceled a training exercise in Kuwait, after the Hamas attack.
  • The Marines stated it was preparing for tasks “as a result of emerging events.”
  • The United States has vowed to support Israel as it battles Hamas.

Source: Fox News



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