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Marxist Rep. Cori Bush Claims White Supremacists Fired on Protesters in Ferguson — HERE IS THE TRUTH

Marxist Rep. Cori Bush Claims White Supremacists Fired on Protesters in Ferguson — HERE IS THE TRUTH

The Democratic Party in America is polluted with left-wing liberal progressives. However, few are as radical as the devout Marxist Cori Bush. The Missouri U.S. Representative from the First Congressional District is possibly the most pro-socialist political figure in America.

The insanely outspoken Bush is a member of the six-woman team known as “The Squad”. Each of these elected politicians is anti-American and pro-socialism. They are trying to force communism on the American people under the guise of progressive reform.

Bush, like her fellow five conspirators, spews incessant lies. Her most recent whopper involved the Ferguson riots, a violent protest that helped propel her to prominence. She is repeating the same lies cast about by Hillary Clinton and Brian Williams.

Bush’s claim is that she and other protestors were fired upon by white supremacists during the Ferguson riots. She is lying. Yes, there were shots fired during the riots. However, police investigations have proven that the shooting was not aimed at protestors, but at the police.

Again, investigators agree that shots were fired. There were six shooters who unloaded a remarkable number of rounds in less than 60 seconds. Certainly, it was scary. However, they adamantly insist that the would-be assailants were shooting at law enforcement officers.

Like her fellow lying congresswomen, Bush seizes on the drama to sell bogus stories. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she was in fear for her life during the January 6, Capital protests. AOC insisted that she was so scared she had to hide in a closet.

Accounts of the actual events that day say she didn’t act the least bit alarmed and did not hide at all. The New York socialist pines for the melodramatic. She spins tales for the TV cameras and fake news microphones. The Squad will say anything to get in the news cycle.

Like her Marxist Missouri counterpart, AOC and the squad spew false accusations and untruths in an attempt to manipulate the media. Bush’s recent tall tale, about shots whizzing past her head during the Ferguson riots, does have minimal validity.

Shots were fired. However, Ms. Bush is failing to divulge the whole truth. She was not being shot at; the police officers trying to maintain order were the ones under fire. In typical Marxist form, the mainstream media is taking the bait.

Anytime one of their liberal lunatics speaks, they are primed to run with the story. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. They love drama. Cori Bush and the rest of her “Squad” are the epitome of drama queens. It’s infuriating to realize that their tall tales are fabricated to destroy our nation.

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