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Manchin Pitches 1 Insane Migrant Idea – He Actually Wants to Spark a “Bidding” War

Manchin Pitches 1 Insane Migrant Idea – He Actually Wants to Spark a “Bidding” War

What’s Happening:

Sen. Joe Manchin appears to have recently flipped his stance on several issues. The Democrat hails from West Virginia. For years, he supported conservative values, because he represented a red state.

But since 2022, he has become increasingly supportive of Biden’s leftist agenda. Many have speculated on his future in the Senate, as he’s up for re-election next year. His shift to the left, many will say, will not help his chances.

Recently, he commented on the exploding border crisis. Many states, especially border states, are overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of migrants who continue to come over. Sen. Manchin did not appear to advocate to deport these border crossers. Instead, he made this demand to the entire country.

From Breitbart:
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) argued that the federal government shouldn’t be responsible for every migrant in the country and “Every state should be bidding” on taking migrants and then they’d “be responsible to make sure they’re acclimated to our way of life.”

Sen. Manchin appeared to be encouraging what some have called the “replacement” conspiracy theory. At first, he seemed to be complaining about illegal entrants stepping onto American soil and receiving government handouts.

But his solution is sure to upset many Americans. He suggested that every state should be “bidding” on taking migrants. He claimed that orchards in West Virginia need workers to pick crops. Instead of encouraging farms to hire Americans, Manchin apparently wants outsiders to do this.

For decades, businesses have relied on migrant workers so they could pay them less than Americans. Democrats have all but admitted that they want to bring in more migrants, who can take these jobs.

Manchin appears to be calling for all states to share the burden of the 3 million illegal crossers that have entered since Biden took office. He said this only after blue states like New York have become overrun with migrants.

The senate did not seem to be advocating for this when only Texas was overwhelmed with migrants.

During Trump’s administration, American wages reached historic levels, because of his restrictions on immigration. Companies were urged to hire Americans and pay them well because they were deprived of cheap migrant labor.

But under Joe, there has been an unending stream of migrants coming in, willing to take jobs of citizens.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manchin demanded all states to take in migrants, as the border crisis explodes.
  • The Democrat claimed migrants are needed to pick crops in West Virginia.
  • This comes after Biden let in over 3 million illegal entrants.

Source: Breitbart



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