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‘Mad Hatter’ Hillary Takes Advantage of Trump Raid – Clinton is Using Hats and Shirts to Fundraise Off Him

‘Mad Hatter’ Hillary Takes Advantage of Trump Raid – Clinton is Using Hats and Shirts to Fundraise Off Him

What’s Happening:

How low can failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton get? We know she has been reduced to speaking to small groups at Martha’s Vineyard.

Now, she has been left to shill cheap products to make a few bucks. Because she is actually trying to pawn off t-shirts and hats—over the FBI raid of Trump’s home.

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign appears to be fundraising off the FBI raid at former President Donald Trump residence at Mar-a-Lago.

“Every ‘But her emails’ hat or shirt sold helps @onwardtogether partners defend democracy, build a progressive bench, and fight for our values,” Clinton tweeted on Tuesday. “Just saying!”

Wow, this is sad. You’d think a woman like Clinton would be done coercing money out of people.

But never let it be said that a Clinton misses a chance to cash in on their (dwindling) name.

Apparently, Clinton is selling merchandise labeled “But her emails” on news that the FBI raided Trump’s house.

The hats and t-shirts appear to be a jab at people currently pointing out that Clinton broke the law with her private email server, but was never raided by James Comey’s politically compromised FBI.

Clinton has been trying to sell these hats since February. They are being sold through her Onward Together PAC, which means the money isn’t going to help starving children, but to pad her party’s pockets.

This is pretty sad. As usual, Clinton is playing catch up with Trump. The 45th president is known for his witty catchphrases.

He is a master at crafting products that sell like hotcakes, from his iconic red MAGA hats to reusable plastic straws (in a jab to Democrats outlawing straws).

Millions of Americans proudly snatch up products made or endorsed by Trump, including a photobook that has sold out again and again.

The best Clinton can do? An unremarkable hat with a phrase only the worst brown-nosers on the left will even understand.

For someone who so frequently criticized Trump for his “cheap” antics certainly is copying him a lot.

The biggest insult, though? That she’s selling these bland, poorly designed hats for $32!

Key Takeaways:

  • Clinton is selling cheap merchandise off the news of the FBI raid.
  • She is shilling “But her email” shirts and hats via her PAC website.
  • Clinton has been trying to sell her merch for months.

Source: Fox News



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