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What’s Happening:

Anyone who has been paying attention knows Joe Biden has a big problem. He intends to serve a second term in office, but he is suffering from the worst presidential approval ratings in over 70 years.

Signs point to many pro-Biden voters ditching the Democrat in favor of another candidate. Biden and his team might think they have an advantage over Trump, because of indictments their party issued him.

But Trump continues to enjoy the support of millions. Plus, he has his own social network by which he can communicate to the country. And, in a shocking, unexpected move, Biden’s team decided to join TRUTH Social.

From Daily Wire:
President Joe Biden is wading into unfriendly territory by starting a re-election campaign account on former President Donald Trump‘s Truth Social platform.

The new account, called “Biden-Harris HQ,” appeared on the social media site on Monday, opening a new front in the 2024 contest. Like Biden, Trump is running for a second term in the White House. Biden’s running mate is Vice President Kamala Harris.

Trump has long touted his social network to be open to everyone. Many Democrats have joined, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom. But unlike most other major social platforms, TRUTH is not being run by Silicon Valley Democrats.

Biden’s team won’t be able to count on leftist operators potentially censoring responses they don’t like. The account “Biden-Harris HQ” issued its first post: “Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts Welcome!”

A fairly benign, uninflammatory post. But if Team Biden thinks they will make converts in Trump’s social landscape, they quickly learned how hard that will be.

The vast majority of TRUTH Social users are conservatives who strongly back Trump. They quickly called out Biden, accusing him of a variety of things. One user claimed Joe Biden was “red pilling” Americans better than anyone else–through his failures.

Another accused Biden of being the “best president,” for China, Ukraine, and Iran. Others posted political cartoons and memes mocking recent Biden scandals. Still others commented on Biden’s post, suggesting the campaign wants to “convert” users to “Satanism.”

It’s unclear what Team Biden intends to do on TRUTH Social. If they were expecting a warm reception, that is unlikely to happen. But could this experience reveal to Biden’s campaign team what many Americans are really thinking and saying?

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s re-election campaign created an account on Trump’s TRUTH Social.
  • Users quickly responded to their first post, mocking and criticizing Biden and his administration.
  • Most TRUTH Social users are Trump supporters who believe other social media sites are censored by Democrats.

Source: Daily Wire

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