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Liberals Lose Their Minds After Ron DeSantis Releases New Florida License Plate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a champion for patriotic American values. The stoic governor stood up to the bureaucrats, defending Floridians against Draconian pandemic mandates and lockdowns that devastated many states.

Taking a note from President Trump’s playbook, DeSantis has gone toe-to-toe with the corrupt mainstream media. He has also pushed back against the insanity of liberal-driven cancel culture. DeSantis took on a corporate giant in his own state and won.

The popular Florida governor is a model of conservative political values. Henceforth, just like President Trump, DeSantis has been a frequent target of the far left. They have tried “smear campaigns” against him, most of which he turned back on them.

The left continues to be outraged by him, regardless of how well his policies and decisions benefit his Sunshine State residents. Again, like President Trump, the left hates Ron DeSantis because he represents true American values.

Recently, he did something else that caused the liberals to lose their collective minds. DeSantis approved Florida’s release of a new license plate. The specialized plate will feature an image of the Gadsden flag.

Christopher Gadsden designed the Gadsden flag in 1775. According to a record at the Charleston Museum, the flag was to commemorate the birth of the United States Navy. Gadsden used Ben Franklin’s rattlesnake symbolism to designate the 13 colonies.

Like DeSantis’ defiance of liberal tyranny, the flag was to symbolize the colony’s defiance of Britain’s tyrannical rule. The flag portrays the rattlesnake rising up against a metaphorical treading boot. It represents how Americans have long felt about tyranny.

As the Democrats’ control of Capitol Hill has proven, the progressive left is a dangerous tyrant. DeSantis’ encouraging the release of the license plate shows a bold defiance of this tyranny. However, liberal critics insist the new plate represents “dangerous far-right extremism.”

Certainly, most Americans should agree that our founding fathers’ standing up against tyranny really represents what America stands for; defiance of tyranny. But as usual, the liberal left got it all backwards. They don’t care about the license plate.

They just hate Ron DeSantis. Conservatives hope that’s for good reason. Rumors have the popular governor possibly teaming up with President Trump as a one-two punch in 2024. Americans could be witness to the strongest president/vice-president combination in decades.

A Trump/DeSantis ticket could also pave the way for 12 years of sensible conservative leadership for our nation. We could rebuild American greatness. However, the two popular conservatives may well square off against one another in the Republican primary.

Regardless of who emerges victorious, if conservatives want a fighter, either man will work. Both President Trump and Governor DeSantis are not afraid to stand up against the corrupt left. They are confident leaders. We need this kind of strong leadership to save our country.

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