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Legendary NFL Player Asked About Men in Women’s Sports – His 1-Word Reply Is Amazingly Hilarious

Legendary NFL Player Asked About Men in Women’s Sports – His 1-Word Reply Is Amazingly Hilarious

What’s Happening:

In recent years, Americans have been subjected to the heavy politicization of professional sports. Ever since the “Anthem kneeling” controversy, numerous professional athletes and leagues have used their platforms to advance leftist politics. Every sport, from football to NASCAR, has “gone woke” in an effort to appease advertisers and PC culture.

But are all professional athletes willing to promote progressive ideology? Retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski made a rare appearance in the halls of the U.S. Capitol. He was there to discuss treatment for a common illness that afflicts dogs. A reporter shouted a common question to him about men competing in women’s sports. He gave a short, but clear, reply.

From Daily Caller:

Four-time NFL Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski was visiting the U.S. Capitol with his French bulldog Ralphie, meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other lawmakers Tuesday…

During Gronk‘s visit, Daily Caller reporter Joel Gibbons caught up with the NFL legend and had the opportunity to ask him the most heated question in all of sports right now.

“Should men be allowed to play in women’s sports?”

Yeah, Gronk wasn’t having any of that, giving the most hilarious “no” in typical Gronk fashion.

A reporter for the Daily Caller asked Gronkowski if he thought men should be allowed to play in women’s sports. The iconic football player replied with an emphatic “No” by shaking his head, before hurrying off to his meeting.

Numerous professional athletes have promoted leftist politics in recent years. They’ve advocated for progressive views on race, gender, and other important issues. On top of this, competitive sports have been thrown on their head, when biological men started competing against biological women.

College universities, even the Olympics, have allowed “transgender” women to go up against biological women. Many athletes, especially women, have criticized this policy. But they have been shouted down by transgender activists and a media eager to prop up progressive causes.

Many athletes are no doubt silent about the issue, out of fear of backlash from the mainstream media. Progressive activists use social media as bully pulpits to demonize and “cancel” public figures who do not support their views.

Gronkowski, based on his response, does not appear willing to go along with the left’s agenda. He might later retract this answer, from pressure by the left, but the clip is sure to go viral by conservative commentators.

Key Takeaways:

  • A reporter asked retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski if he supported men in women’s sports.
  • The video clip shows the iconic athlete shaking his head “No.”
  • Gronkowski was in Washington to meet with lawmakers regarding a vaccine for dogs.

Source: Daily Caller



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