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Kamala Harris Gives American People An Order – She’s Not Getting Much Done, But She Wants America To Work Harder

Kamala Harris Gives American People An Order – She’s Not Getting Much Done, But She Wants America To Work Harder

What’s Happening:

Has there been a bigger disappointment in the Biden administration than Kamala Harris? Perhaps only Biden himself has flopped harder than his much-talked-about “vice president.” The liberal media claimed this woman would be a force to reckon with. Instead, we’ve seen as little of her as we have her mentally-frail boss.

Harris has failed to distinguish herself all last year. The biggest task given her—fixing the border—was a total failure. And the other “jobs” she’s done can hardly be considered wins (unless you consider insulting French scientists a “win”). But despite all this, she has a demand for the rest of us. You won’t believe this.

From Breitbart:

Vice President Kamala Harris is nothing if not consistent. Late Monday she used social media to exhort all of America to work hard in the pursuit of building a better nation…

Although still on holidays in Los Angeles herself, Harris’s message was plainly stated.

“A new year to continue building a better America. Let’s get to work.”

Ah! I think I’m being crushed by the mountain of irony in this news! A woman who, in our opinion, hasn’t done a lick of work since becoming “vice president” is calling on all Americans to “get to work.” Just how lacking in self-awareness is this administration? I don’t think we have enough room to explain how idiotic this tweet is.

First of all, if you want an administration dedicated to getting Americans back to work, this isn’t it. Biden triggered a historic worker shortage by giving out unemployment that was more than most paychecks. He literally was paying people not to work.

On top of that, Biden and Harris made it even harder for people to get back to work, thanks to numerous crises. Which one should we choose? How about a supply chain crunch, that prevented stores, businesses, restaurants, etc. from getting what they needed? You can’t really “get to work,” when you can’t restock your shelves.

And what about Biden’s mandates, supported by Harris herself? Those literally were putting Americans out of work. Hard-working folks who want to support their families and “build a better America” were driven from their jobs, thanks to Biden and Harris.

Let’s not forget how Harris did nothing to curtail Biden’s border crisis. Even now, migrants are flooding the country. These people pose a threat to all working-class Americans, as migrants frequently take jobs from citizens, as they are willing to work at lower wages. How can Americans “get to work,” when migrants are taking their jobs?

It’s pretty hilarious that a woman who has not done her job all year is now telling us to get to work. Does this mean Harris is finally going to work? We’d like to see that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kamala Harris tweeted out for all Americans to “get to work.”
  • This administration has triggered numerous crises that put people out of work.
  • Harris personally has a reputation for doing nothing in the office of VP.

Source: Breitbart

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