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Judge Slaps Biden and His FBI on Censorship – Watch

Judge Slaps Biden and His FBI on Censorship – Watch

It’s hard to argue that the White House has been working to create censorship across the nation. But the Biden Administration and the FBI just took a hard hit by a federal judge on Wednesday in a landmark case focusing on the issue. 

The judge ruled that the FBI can’t shield special agent Elvis Chan from being deposed in a lawsuit brought on by Missouri AG (and soon-to-be senator) Eric Schmitt and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry.

These two men recently launched a lawsuit against Biden and his administration seeking information regarding alleged collusion between the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other agencies with social media companies. They worked together to censor information unflattering to the White House. 

White House lawyers tried to prevent some depositions from taking place, including special agent Elvis Chan. Chan had been identified as having worked with Meta (the parent company of Facebook) to remove some news stories on Facebook. 

Judge Terry Doughty of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana killed the request and allowed the depositions to move forward. 

It has already been reported that Meta was at the center of censoring the Hunter Biden story just before the 2020 elections, and it could have changed the results. 

Mark Zuckerberg admitted on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the FBI had come to them with more than a wink and nudge. They told him that the story was really Russian disinformation, even though they knew that the laptop story was true because they had been in possession of the hard drive for a year. 

Why was the FBI going to Facebook and probably other media companies to stop a negative story about Biden’s family? The only logical answer was to influence the election. 

Now Biden and his FBI may have to face the music. 


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