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Judge Allows Giant Mosque Construction, Plus Orders the City to Pay Builders and Attorneys

There is an explicit part of our U.S. Constitution that requires the separation of church and state. However, in one small Mississippi town, someone forgot to get the memo. City officials of Horn Lake denied zoning permits to a pair of Muslim men who wanted to build a giant mosque.

Of course, and right on cue, the American Civil Liberties Union screamed discrimination. The ACLU sued The City of Horn Lake, Mississippi. The logical conclusion was that somehow Horn Lake city officials were racist or anti-Muslim.

That had nothing to do with the denial of the zoning permits. The denial was based on sound reasoning. Nevertheless, sound reasoning and logic rarely matter to the ACLU. It apparently didn’t matter to a federal judge in the Northern District of Mississippi, either.

The reasons officials denied the zoning permit were completely understandable. Horn Lake residents, local officials included, were worried about traffic problems and noise. These normal zoning concerns did not matter to the ACLU or Judge Michael P. Mills.

The only thing that ever seems to matter to the ACLU, and woke liberal bureaucrats, is some sense of self-entitled all-inclusiveness. What’s even more aggravating is that this giant mosque is being built by two men for an estimated congregation of 15 worshipers.

The desires and opinions of the majority do not count. It’s all about some deranged sense of minority inclusiveness. As with most ACLU initiatives, logic and common sense never exist. Judge Mills’ order was even more ridiculously one-sided.

Judge Mills ignored the wishes of DeSoto County, Mississippi citizens. Moreover, the judge ordered them to pay the legal expenses. Since this judgment was rendered partly against The City of Horn Lake, local taxpayers will pay the legal fees.

Not only did city officials cave in and approve the permits, they were ordered to pay for the legal expenses. They are being forced to pay attorney fees incurred to fight a decision that should have belonged to Horn Lake residents all along.

Common sense would realize these outlandish zoning requests should be voted on as a referendum. Put the issue on a ballot. Allow the people to decide if they want a giant religious structure built in their community.

However, that might prove too much common sense for the woke culture. If this was a massive Baptist Church or Jewish Temple, you can bet the ACLU wouldn’t have even commented. It seems the “separation of church and state” only works for certain religions.

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