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Joe Manchin Sends Democrats Into A Tailspin – The Senator Tells Them He Will Not Support “Filibuster Reform”

Joe Manchin Sends Democrats Into A Tailspin – The Senator Tells Them He Will Not Support “Filibuster Reform”

What’s Happening:

Soon after shelving Biden’s massive spending bill, Democrats turned back to another lost cause. Senate Democrats announced they would be pushing to pass their radical, election “reform” bill. This bill, which would drastically change our elections, can only be passed if 60 senators agreed to end the debate on it.

Of course, Chuck Schumer and most of his party want to get rid of this rule, commonly called the filibuster. If they kill the filibuster, it will only take 51 senators to pass a bill—opening the floodgates to whatever far-left nonsense they wanted. But as soon as they broach the subject once again, Sen. Joe Manchin slams the breaks on it.

From Daily Wire:

Moderate Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin told reporters Tuesday that getting behind a reform of the Senate filibuster to pass Democratic-backed election overhaul bills would be “very difficult,” indicating that he opposes the Democrats’ latest move to ram the bills through the upper chamber.

When pressed about Schumer’s latest attempt to force radical changes to our election, Joe Manchin did not offer much hope for the left. He agreed he wanted to ensure all Americans could vote saying, “If you’re legal, of age, and a United States citizen, you should be able to cast a vote, and it should be counted accurately.”

Well, yeah. You won’t find a single lawmaker who would disagree with that statement. But that is the opposite of what would happen if Democrats passed their election bill. This piece of legislation would rip voting from the states, federalizing every aspect of our elections. It would make ensuring only legal, of age, citizens were able to vote impossible.

And it would give a big advantage to Democrats.

It doesn’t seem Manchin is all that interested in supporting this bill. When asked about changing the filibuster to make it happen, he sounded pretty discouraging. He said that it was a “nuclear option” that was “very, very difficult.” It seems he has more sense than most of his party.

He had previously warned Democrats that, if they killed the filibuster to get their way, they would eventually regret it. One day, Republicans would get the majority again—and they would pass any bill they wanted, without Democrats’ involvement. But it doesn’t seem Democrats are thinking that far ahead.

Maybe they think their “voting rights bill” would be so perfect, Republicans would never win again? Or they are really that bad at remembering history. Either way, it doesn’t look like they will get this bill through.

Key Takeaways:

  • Senate Democrats want to kill the filibuster to pass their election reform bill.
  • Joe Manchin has once again refused to agree to this “nuclear option.”
  • He said the change was “very, very difficult.”

Source: Daily Wire

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