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Jill Biden Breaks Tradition During Overseas Speech

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden made an historic visit to Paris, France this week. Their goal was to highlight the United States’ re-engagement with the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and honor fallen U.S. servicemen from World War II. It was the first lady’s first trip to France.

The U.S.’s relationship with UNESCO has been contentious for over a decade. The Obama-Biden Administration withdrew its funding after the organization admitted Palestine as a member in 2011, and the Trump Administration withdrew completely. Now, the Biden Administration has re-engaged in an effort to counter China’s influence in international matters.

“When my husband, President Biden, took office two and a half years ago, he made a promise to the American people,” said the first lady during her speech in Paris on Tuesday. “That he would rebuild the systems that were broken and fortify our institutions, that he would work to bring divided communities back together, that he would put us on a path to a better, brighter future while restoring our leadership on the world stage. And he did.”

The president’s promise to “fortify our institutions” and “bring divided communities back together” would be welcome news if it were supported by measurable progress – but so far, it’s unclear. A new Fox Business poll shows Biden has a net negative approval rating among black voters by 30%.

Furthermore, the Biden Administration continues to be bogged down by errors and missteps. For example, the president recently gave Ukraine $300 million in aid when the country only requested half that amount. This has raised concerns that Biden is taking a lax approach to U.S. diplomatic relations while neglecting internal issues.

Many have accused Biden of being unable to conduct a single foreign policy address without taking shots at his predecessor and his supporters. During his speech in Paris, Biden took digs at the previous administration while spreading campaign talking points.

It’s difficult to imagine the Uniter-in-Chief also reverting to the old tradition of politics ending at the water’s edge when Biden and his wife essentially made a campaign stop in France this week. While the Biden Administration believes that rebuilding relationships with international partners is vital, there may be a disconnect between the president’s words and his deeds – which will determine his legacy and the future of the United States.

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