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Iraq Warns the US Not to Interfere in Israel…or Else

In a recent meeting with Iraqi tribal leaders, Hadi al-Amiri, the leader and secretary-general of the Badr Organization, expressed a strong warning to the United States regarding its potential intervention in Palestine. Al-Amiri, who heads an Iranian-backed Shiite militia and political party based in Iraq, emphasized Iraq’s unwavering support for the Palestinian cause and issued a stern message that the U.S. would become a legitimate target if it chooses to intervene alongside Israel against the Palestinians. This declaration has sparked concerns and raised questions about the potential consequences of such a scenario.

Amidst the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, al-Amiri made it clear that the new Iraq stands firmly aligned with the Palestinian cause. He highlighted the achievements of the Palestinian people and criticized other Arab leaders for abandoning their support, leaving only the Islamic revolution and resistance factions to stand with Palestine. Al-Amiri stressed that the will of the Palestinian people prevails and that the cause is desired by followers of Ahl al-Beit and religious authorities.

“The achievements in Palestine, which were beyond the reach of all Arab armies, are being realized. The new Iraq stands by the Palestinian cause, and we will not waver in our support,” al-Amiri asserted.

“We proudly say that the Palestinian people have achieved a significant victory against the Zionist enemy,” he said. “No one could have imagined that Palestine would achieve this victory against the Zionist entity, and the failure of Zionist intelligence.”

The most notable aspect of Amiri’s speech was his clear and direct warning to the United States. He emphasized the imperative for Iraqis to wholeheartedly endorse the legitimate Palestinian cause. He cautioned that any intervention by the United States in Palestine would be met with intervention, without any hesitation, with specific targeting in mind. “…if the United States intervenes in Palestine, we will intervene and have no hesitation in targeting.”

IRNA reported that “American forces’ bases in the region would become legitimate targets for Resistance.”

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