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Hunter Team Slammed with Stunning IRS Accusation – If This Really Happened, He’s in Deep Trouble

Hunter Team Slammed with Stunning IRS Accusation – If This Really Happened, He’s in Deep Trouble

What’s Happening:

Americans were stunned to learn that the DOJ tried to shut down an IRS investigation into Hunter Biden. We knew that Hunter was facing charges, due to tax crime accusations. Whistleblowers, however, revealed the investigation was shut down after Biden’s DOJ pressured the IRS to go easy on him.

These whistleblowers bravely testified before Congress. They revealed the IRS was prevented from investigating where Hunter got his money. Republicans concluded this was an attempt to hide evidence of the Joe-Hunter Biden bribery ring. But now, it seems the family did more to try to stop the truth from coming out. And Republicans are fuming.

From Fox News:

House Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday accusing Hunter’s Biden legal team of engaging in a “brazen effort to intimidate and harass” the two Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers in the Hunter Biden tax probe…

The letter accused Biden’s lawyers of having “slandered” the whistleblowers as “disgruntled” and of “urging” the Department of Justice to prosecute them.

This is unbelievable. Two whistleblowers risked their careers and reputations to testify under oath before Congress. Now, Republicans are claiming Hunter Biden’s legal team tried to retaliate against these men, even urging the DOJ to prosecute them.

A letter from House Republicans is accusing Hunter’s team of calling the whistleblowers “disgruntled.” Apparently, Hunter’s lawyers wanted to shut down their testimony and perhaps punish them for testifying against their client.

Federal law actually protects whistleblowers from retaliation. If Hunter’s lawyers are actually outed for doing this, they could face prosecution themselves. Republicans are demanding information regarding this news from the attorney general.

This appears to be more evidence that the odds are stacked in favor of the Bidens. Numerous federal agencies have been accused of protecting Joe and Hunter. And it sounds as if Hunter’s team wanted the DOJ to shield his family by prosecuting men who were threatening it.

Does this sound like justice to you? Should Hunter and his team get away with this? And will Attorney General Garland comply with Republicans and hand over documents providing Hunter’s team did this?

Key Takeaways:

  • Republicans have accused Hunter’s legal team of retaliating against the IRS whistleblowers.
  • House GOP claims these lawyers urged the DOJ to prosecute the men outing the scandal.
  • Whistleblowers revealed the DOJ pressured the IRS to go easy on Hunter Biden.

Source: Fox News



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