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Hunter Biden Text: Worries Would ‘Go Away’ Once This Happened

IRS public affairs officer Justin Cole reportedly took a call from CNN two years ago, and he was informed the network had an email from Hunter Biden saying that he expected his legal troubles to “go away” once his father became president.

“Documents show Hunter Biden and his business associates had access to the White House and Joe Biden’s advisors; Biden business associates were instructed to not ‘mention Joe being involved’; and official trips to Ukraine line up U.S. government actions and Hunter Biden’s financial bottom line. And, after the IRS began investigating these crimes, Hunter apparently ‘expected all of this ‘stuff’ to go away when his dad becomes President,’” the committee wrote in a press release.

According to what was released by the committee on Thursday, Cole sent an email to two of the IRS agents investigating Hunter Biden on September 22, 2021, and detailed what he had learned from a CNN producer.

The agent says that the team also uncovered evidence that Hunter Biden had used his father’s influence to benefit his business dealings. The agent says that this evidence included a text message from Hunter Biden in which he says that his worries would “go away” once his father became president.

CNN has not commented on the IRS agent’s allegations. The White House has also declined to comment.

In another document from the committee, a message from Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud backup on June 6, 2017, shows him talking to his uncle, Jim Biden, about his family’s “brand.”

“Bullsh-t James – all around bullsh-t,” Hunter Biden wrote. “Explain to me one thing Tony brings to MY table that I so desperately need that I’m willing to sign over my family’s brand and pretty much the rest of my business life? Read the f-cking documents people It’s plane f-cking English. Why in gods name would I give this marginal bully the keys my family’s only asset? Why?”

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