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Hunter Biden Blindsides D.C. with Big Move – He Just Turned Against His Dad’s Government

Hunter Biden Blindsides D.C. with Big Move – He Just Turned Against His Dad’s Government

What’s Happening:

Over recent years, news has come out about several investigations against Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Perhaps the one with the most far-reaching consequences was an IRS investigation. The agency claimed Biden failed to pay $125,000 in taxes. The investigation was probing the man’s business dealings and finances when, suddenly, the DOJ (under Joe Biden) shut down the investigation.

Two IRS agents risked their reputations to blow the whistle on the development. They testified before Congress, protected by whistleblower laws, that the IRS wrongfully shut down the Hunter investigation. These developments will most likely influence the impeachment probe against Hunter’s father. And now, Hunter is pulling a move that might be aimed at protecting Joe.

From Breitbart:

Hunter Biden launched a lawsuit against the IRS on Monday, alleging IRS whistleblowers improperly disclosed information to congressional investigators about the Justice Department’s tax probe into his financial affairs.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers claim when IRS agents informed Congress and news organizations of the Justice Department’s alleged mishandling of its tax probe into the president’s son, the IRS whistleblowers allegedly disclosed the damning allegations improperly.

Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, has sued the IRS over the two whistleblowers who exposed his investigation coverup. Biden’s lawyers are claiming that the two men “improperly” disclosed information about the case to Congress, a claim they first circulated in the media before launching the suit.

Federal law protects whistleblowers, so it is unclear if this case can actually go to trial.

It is possible that Hunter is launching this suit to distract from the growing allegations against himself and his father. Both men have been accused of conducting a bribery ring while Biden was vice president. House Republicans have gathered evidence and testimony and have launched an impeachment probe against Biden.

But a lawsuit against the IRS might not go well for Hunter. Such a case could result in more information about his business activity coming to light. Lawyers defending the IRS might gain access to information that not only clears the whistleblowers but further exposes Biden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hunter Biden has sued the IRS over the two whistleblowers.
  • Two men outed the IRS and DOJ over a coverup for Biden’s tax case.
  • Biden has faced scrutiny over failing to pay $125,000 in owed taxes.

Source: Breitbart



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