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Hospitalizations Spike in Liberal City Despite a 90 Percent Vaccinated Rate

The COVID-crazies will scream about any information that contradicts their narrative. No one on the radical left ever wants to discuss naturally acquired COVID-19 immunity. Anyone who disputes the scientific evidence behind burdensome masks gets “mask shamed”.

However, probably the biggest area of debate centers on the COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. legal system is hearing arguments attacking the unconstitutionality of Joe Biden’s forced federal mandates. Arguments are pending while the vaccinated continue to catch the virus.

Medical experts can’t even come to a consensus opinion on what now counts as “fully vaccinated”. Maybe there’s more to that debate than we realize. When you’ve screamed about vaccine compliance for months, what can you do when you discover the vaccine isn’t working?

New York has been the hub of senseless Draconian COVID-19 mandates and bureaucratic decrees. Outgoing New York City Mayor, Comrade Bill deBlasio, has leveled some of the most rigid, but equally unnecessary and unhelpful strategies.

New York City was one of the first to implement a tyrannical order that requires a vaccine passport just to enter a restaurant. Called “Key to NYC”, vaccine passports, (aka: your papers), were mandated for all entertainment businesses as well, such as theaters and concert halls.

No one cared if you had natural immunity acquired by having recovered from COVID-19. It also didn’t matter that you could prove you were COVID-19 negative. It was all about vaccine compliance. Follow orders, or be ostracized from society in New York City.

Well, with the sudden surge in cases triggered by the Omicron variant of COVID, it seems once again all the doomsday policies were a waste of ink. The numbers do not lie. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine, including your booster, is no guarantee at all.

It isn’t preventing people from catching Omicron. The statistics for positive tests reflect little to no benefit from being vaccinated. However, and most startling, the data reveal that being vaccinated will also not keep an infected person out of the hospital.

In fact, the chances of landing in a hospital bed with the Omicron COVID-19 variant are dramatically higher among the vaccinated. There is no denying that the COVID-19 vaccine was critical. However, there is zero scientific proof that the bulk of the population needs one.

These vaccines could have been targeted for those who vitally need one. The elderly population gains the most benefit. There are also clear advantages for people with severely compromised immune systems.

No one’s arguing that the COVID-19 vaccine, made possible by President Trump’s “Warp Speed”, has saved lives. But it is not an end-all solution that should be mandated, period. The facts prove that getting the COVID-19 vaccine will not stop you from catching the virus.

Furthermore, being vaccinated will not prevent you from being hospitalized. Over 80 percent of the people in de Blasio’s New York are deemed fully vaccinated. But recent statistics indicate New York has the highest percentage of COVID-19-related hospitalizations from Omicron.

You can’t work in New York City without proof of vaccination. However, a vast majority of those being hospitalized from Omicron are vaccinated. When an experimental medicine proves to have suspect results, what motive is behind enforcing unscientific government decrees?

Lockdowns are worthless at stopping the spread. However, politicians used them while they decimated entire communities. Why are liberals threatening them again as a stopgap for the recent surge in Omicron cases? Why are vaccines being forced on children?

Medical experts insist the potential danger outweighs the risks associated with COVID-19. More children are expected to die from the vaccine than from the virus. And that brings us back to the senseless vaccine mandates. Why are bureaucrats insisting they are some kind of panacea?

It’s ignorance. The vaccine is causing serious health risks for some. There is zero discussion about robust protection provided by natural immunity. In addition, no one talks about the possibility of how a healthy immune system can prevent some from ever getting COVID-19.

These previous questions, if they prove accurate, would gouge at the massive profits Big Pharma is bilking from the American people. True, the COVID-19 vaccine has saved lives. However, it’s also been used to leverage power and control.

Joe Biden and his phony medical bureaucrats want compliance. Big Pharma wants more money. A phony narrative is being waged to scam the American people. It’s why there is no one talking about the dangerous health risks of the vaccine.

It’s obvious why there is zero consideration given to natural immunity. Open debate and truthful answers to these questions will carve away at Biden’s federal push for compliance and control. It will seriously dilute the potential for huge profits for Big Pharma. It’s a scam.

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