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Hannity Unleashes Fury on Ramaswamy in Explosive Interview: ‘You Deny Your Own Words!’

In a fiery showdown that sent shockwaves through the political sphere, Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out at Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy during a recent interview. The intense exchange revolved around remarks made by Ramaswamy during a previous interview with Tucker Carlson, wherein he suggested certain politicians exhibited “selective moral outrage” over Israel due to “financial and corrupting influences.”

Hannity didn’t hold back, accusing Ramaswamy of denying his own statements—a claim Ramaswamy branded as a “shameful mischaracterization.” Hannity shot back, “Vivek, wait a minute, stop right now. You do this in every single interview. You say stuff and then you deny it. You deny your own words. So, why don’t you just always say and stand by it and stop playing these games?”

Ramaswamy insisted he was owning his words, claiming his comments referred to Azerbaijan and Armenia. However, a clip of his remarks showed that he was discussing Israel and Ukraine when he mentioned politicians’ “selective moral outrage.”

The friction escalated when Ramaswamy suggested some Republicans should be disqualified from presidency during wartime due to previous defense sector-related jobs. Hannity retorted, “A lot of people don’t think you’re qualified because you weren’t even a Republican or voting Republican till what? 2020?”

Hannity continued, “Here’s your problem — you go on these shows, people quote your exact words, and you deny your own words.” Amid the cross-talk, Hannity shouted, “I am quoting your exact words!” After Ramaswamy acknowledged Hannity’s accurate quotation—though he again claimed he was speaking of Azerbaijan and Armenia—Hannity ended the interview abruptly, saying, “Thank you. Goodbye.”

After Ramaswamy was cut off, Hannity added, “I think it’s asinine to think somebody that worked in the defense industry should not be qualified to be president. I think people that never held public office, like you, maybe they’re not qualified to be president.”

The heated exchange has sparked widespread debate, with critics arguing that this reflects poorly on Ramaswamy’s credibility as a presidential candidate. Matt Whitlock, a notable figure in the political arena, tweeted, “This is embarrassing and he should drop out.”


This contentious interview underscores the high stakes and intense scrutiny faced by presidential hopefuls, reminding us that every word counts in the ruthless world of politics.

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