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Hamburglar Shows Truth of Mass Shoplifting Increase…It’s Not Because They’re Poor

Crime has skyrocketed across the United States. This spike in criminal activity is most prevalent in liberal-run blue cities. It’s a direct result of the left’s scathing and slanderous depiction of law enforcement. Democrats have embraced a “defund the police” mentality.

The results have produced horrifying, but understandable, results. It’s common sense to understand that by weakening laws and reducing the police presence, this radical ideology emboldens criminals. However, progressive liberals continue to ignore the truth.

Liberal Democrats try to explain away this astronomical spike in crime by using illogical reasoning. Many insist that the rise in burglary and theft crimes is because of poverty. Experts have questions regarding the viability of this theory.

For one, why are shoplifting and burglary criminals targeting high-dollar businesses? These thieves aren’t stealing essential things that they need to improve their lives. They’re stealing items they can resell for a profit. Video footage proves how orchestrated these shoplifting sprees are.

It’s an organized burglary. Saying shoplifting results from poverty is an ignorant and illogical explanation. One New York thief exited Trader Joe’s with a payload of 10 steaks. This “beefy heist” happened in broad daylight. This criminal knew nothing would happen to him.

Steven Hirsch

One store clerk reportedly requested that the crook “please put the grocery cart back” when leaving. Some see this spike in crime as perplexing. It’s not perplexing in the least. A nation without consequences for committing crimes is going to watch crime rates go up.

Normal, upstanding, and honest Americans are not compelled to steal things or commit other crimes. Most wouldn’t steal anything, even out of necessity. They have integrity, but there are also consequences if they’re caught. However, criminals do not have integrity.

Criminals commit crimes because there’s an opportunity. That’s why they’re criminals. Liberal soft-on-crime policies, with zero consequences, open the door to these opportunities. The crime rate across the country isn’t going up because of personal or economic circumstances.

Crime is skyrocketing because bad people see opportunity. It’s senseless to insist otherwise. As long as liberal-run cities continue to denigrate their police and coddle criminals, nothing will change. In fact, these idiotic ideologies are making things worse.

Criminals thrive on opportunity. Until laws on the books are enforced, and police departments are supported, these opportunistic crooks will continue to play the game. And that’s exactly what the liberal ideology on crime is to them; a game.

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