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Hack Journalist Thinks He Can Embarrass DeSantis…It Backfires! – Watch

Aaron Rupar is a hack journalist that is known for trying to catch conservative politicians in a “gotcha” moment. He has mocked former President Donald Trump relentlessly, and he typically uses videos that are taken out of context. 

Rupar thought it would be a good plan to post the video of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaking at a high school on Tuesday. 

DeSantis was speaking at a high school in Pasco County, and he was trying to recruit teachers by challenging retired Florida veterans and first responders who have bachelor’s degrees to join the school system. Rupar posted that video thinking it would be a “gotcha” moment. It backfired badly.

Here is the clip that Rupar posted on Twitter:

But Rupar underestimated the goodwill this plan has with many voters. DeSantis is fully aware of the benefits of his plan for retired veterans and first responders to become teachers:

– First responders who have their bachelor’s degree will have fees waived for the state certification exam, receive a $4k bonus & an additional $1k for those willing to teach specific subjects (science, reading, ESE, etc.)

– Teacher apprenticeship program: Floridians with associates degree will get 2 years of experience in the classroom under a mentor and go on to receive their bachelor’s degree. Mentors will receive a $4k bonus for every apprentice.

– Scholarship program: Help current high school teachers earn their master’s degree so they can teach dual enrollment at their current campus.

DeSantis has promised: “Just like we do for veterans, we will do for the other first responders … We will waive the exam fees for the state certification program.”

So Rupar’s tweet backfired and he was met with a hail storm of positive tweets for DeSantis.

This kind of legislation is being passed in Florida because the people know it is good for their state. Rupar just couldn’t twist it to make DeSantis look bad. 

This may prove to serve the governor well in 2024.

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