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Governor DeSantis’ Shocking Deportation Pledge

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made strong statements during an interview in Iowa last week, outlining his immigration and national security plans should he be elected president. Speaking at an event hosted by U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks known as the “Triple MMM Tailgate” fundraiser, DeSantis emphasized the importance of addressing the ongoing immigration challenges facing the United States.

DeSantis expressed his commitment to tackling President Joe Biden’s perceived immigration crisis by prioritizing border security and imposing stricter restrictions on who is allowed to enter the country. He declared that on his first day in office, he would declare a national emergency.

The governor pointed out the recent terrorist attack in Israel as an example of the potential vulnerabilities resulting from illegal immigration, highlighting that individuals from various parts of the world, including Iran, have entered the United States through illegal means. He stressed that it’s not just about individuals from Mexico and Central America but also from regions like Russia, China, and the Middle East.

DeSantis voiced concern about protests in the United States in support of Hamas shortly after the Israeli attack, even before the victims’ blood had dried. He mentioned that some of the demonstrators involved were not U.S. citizens but foreign students on student visas. As a response, he proposed a stringent policy as president, stating that he would revoke the visas of foreign students who engage in activities like celebrating terrorism and subsequently deport them.

In addition to his immigration stance, DeSantis indicated his intent to deploy the U.S. military to the southern border to address the issue of illegal immigration. He emphasized that those who have entered the country unlawfully would be repatriated to their home countries.

Furthermore, DeSantis characterized drug cartels as terrorist organizations and suggested that the U.S. military should be employed to combat them. His proposals reflect a comprehensive approach to address what he views as pressing national security and immigration concerns.

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