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GOP Hints at Major Move Towards Impeaching Biden; “That’s Where We’re Headed”

Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania has disclosed that the House Oversight committee is considering the possibility of impeaching Joe Biden in light of recent revelations regarding criminal activity and obstruction of justice within the Biden family. In a recent interview, Perry stated that while some members of Congress are aware of the President’s disregard for the law, they are waiting for a violation of specific legal codes before taking action. Perry believes that if evidence of illegal activity is discovered, there would be sufficient support for an impeachment vote.

Perry clarified that impeachment is a political, rather than a legal, remedy for addressing the actions of elected officials. In his view, any flouting of the law constitutes grounds for impeachment, and he is convinced that Biden’s inaction and failure to enforce U.S. immigration policy constitutes an impeachable offense. Perry expressed frustration that many of his colleagues have not yet been convinced of this, despite the clear and present danger posed by illegal immigration and the associated criminal activity.

Perry and his colleagues cite the border crisis, the resulting influx of drugs and cartel activity, and the rise in violent crime as strong factors in their determination to hold the President accountable.

“To me, flouting the law, not failing to faithfully execute the law is an impeachable offense. And I would just submit to you that President Biden’s inaction and flouting of the law on our southern border is an impeachable offense. Unfortunately, there’s not enough of my colleagues that are convinced of that.”

“The destruction of America by millions upon millions of people coming here illegally, by the drugs that are coming, the cartel activity, the time-commitment crime that goes with it, is a reason for a vote of no confidence,” Perry said.

If evidence of criminal activity is indeed uncovered, Perry asserts that Congress has a duty to take action, and he believes that the committee will continue to investigate and build a case for impeachment if necessary.

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