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GOP Governor Clashes with Trump Over 2024 Race

The 2024 presidential race is already heating up, with potential candidates jockeying for position and engaging in verbal sparring matches. One such clash has emerged between President Trump and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. The two have exchanged barbs, with Sununu questioning Trump’s viability and Trump firing back with insults.

Governor Chris Sununu started the exchange by taking shots at former President Donald Trump during an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. Sununu questioned the significance of national polls, emphasizing the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire in determining the Republican primary winner. He pointed out that recent polls in New Hampshire showed Trump polling under 40% and argued that the majority of his own party in Iowa and New Hampshire did not support him. Sununu saw this as a significant opportunity for other candidates to surge and potentially defeat Trump. He also criticized Trump’s “low-energy performance” in Iowa and raised concerns about his $40 million legal bills, which were allegedly paid with campaign donor money.

During an interview on Fox News with Harris Faulkner, Sununu further criticized Trump’s performance in Iowa and his low polling numbers in early states. He highlighted the implications of an incumbent president polling below 40% and suggested that the people of New Hampshire had grown wise to Trump, no longer liking or respecting him.

Trump swiftly responded to Sununu’s criticisms on social media. “RINO Chris Sununu recently stated that, ‘I’m not running for president in 2024. Beating Trump is more important’,” Trump wrote. “No, he’s not running for President because he’s polling at Zero, and has no chance of winning.”

While the clash between Sununu and Trump continues, it is worth noting their current standings in popularity and the 2024 Republican presidential primary race. Recent polling from Morning Consult ranks Sununu as the fourth most popular governor in the country. On the other hand, Trump remains the frontrunner in the latest polls for the Republican presidential nomination, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis consistently holding the second place. Other candidates are averaging in the single digits.

The clash between Governor Chris Sununu and former President Donald Trump over the 2024 presidential race has brought attention to the dynamics within the Republican Party. Sununu’s criticisms of Trump’s viability and low polling numbers in critical states have sparked a heated exchange.

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