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Gavin Newsom Turns Against His Own Party – The Governor Just Buried California’s Reparations, Refuses Endorsement

Gavin Newsom Turns Against His Own Party – The Governor Just Buried California’s Reparations, Refuses Endorsement

What’s Happening:

It’s really unbelievable to think about what Democrats are doing in the Soviet Republic of California. Far-left Democrats have pushed the craziest socialist agenda seen in America. They have defunded the police, legalized drugs, and welcomed countless illegal aliens.

Huh, what do ya know? The state is falling apart.

Democrats in California have even demanded reparations for black residents over slavery. Even though not a single living Californian is a slave, the radical left thinks black residents should receive over $1 million a person. Now, the governor is forced to decide what to do. And liberals are fuming.

From The Post Millennial:

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom declined to endorse reparations payments, which could be as high as $1.2 million per person, for black residents, a plan recommended by the reparations task force he formed in 2021…

His state is also substantially in debt, and estimates indicate that were the reparations board’s plans to be enacted, it could cost California some $800 billion.

Lol, oh isn’t it fun to see leftists turn on each other? This bozo formed the reparations board in the first place. He hired radical leftists to decide if black Californians deserved free money. What did Gavin think they were going to recommend?

But it seems even Gov. Newsom was shocked that this board demanded starting payments of $1 million per person. The board claimed that wasn’t even the final payout, but that the state had better start dishing out this cash immediately.

Well, uh, you see, California is in big debt. They had a budget “surplus” a few years ago because the federal government gave them billions in COVID funds. But all that money is gone (because California wasted it), and now they are looking at a massive deficit.

They can’t even afford the bills they have right now, yet these leftists wanted to spend at least $800 billion on reparations? You know that number was going to balloon, as black people from all over the country flooded there for free money.

But Newsom knew he could endorse such an idiotic scheme. He doesn’t even give out money to folks who deserve it, like flood victims. You better believe Democrats in the state are ticked off right now. More than a few residents, however, are quietly breathing a sigh of relief.

Reparations would have bankrupted the state. But don’t be surprised if the next liberal governor candidate pushes for them, just to win the election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Newsom rejected a proposal that would pay $1 million to each black CA resident.
  • A reparations board is demanding at least $800 billion for people who were never slaves.
  • California is facing a massive budget deficit and can’t even pay its bills.

Source: The Post Millennial



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